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Ugly Tank Contest 5 - Turf Algae Wars

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The Contest:

Do people tell you your tank is ugly? In my experience people aren't that rude without cause. They may be right. If so, good news! It is time yet again to show us a south facing window is not the best lighting choice. The 5th annual Ugly Tank Contest is open to contestants. We are looking for tanks that are ugly, just really, really ugly. Cyano plauging your coral? Nice! Hair algae covering your mag float? No wonder you can't find it! Please post pics!

The Rules:

Submissions must have a full tank shot (FTS). Only that picture will count towards the contest, but other supporting close up photos are appreciated.

You can reply to this thread to submit the photo.

Pictures must be submitted by March 16th.

We will be selecting the worst 7 tanks from those submitted. Each of these tanks will receive a $10 gift certificate. I personally will be choosing the finalists to narrow down the chance of popularity becoming an issue; the results have "improved" in the years we have had this policy so we will continue it until we come up with a better one. Each of the finalists will then vote for the tank they think is the worst, but are not allowed to vote for their own tank. You don't need to have turf algae, that is just a goofy name I came up with. Any algae filled tank will do.

Winner gets a free custom clean up crew shipped to clean the tank, or a refund for any custom crew that was purchased during the tank contest time.

Plus! Each entrant gets a $5 gift certificate. You will have to send me an email or pm with the code you want to use. Just something simple will work, like "Hey John, I posted a photo in the ugly tank contest, I want my code to be "jmaloney" " Just make sure to put the code in quotes or on a separate line.

Show us how bad it can get! Be prepared for some good humored kidding, but please don't be embarrassed. If algae didn't happen I would be out of a job.

To Enter:

Simply post a picture here. We will combine with other pictures from around the net into our contest thread located on this page:

Major Updates will be posted on this page, so if you are a contestant you will want to subscribe to it. Best of luck to you all, I hope each of your tanks is just terrible. :)

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