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Found 3 results

  1. 200 Gallon Deep Dimension Reef Tank - $1500 (Price Drop) Tank 48W x 27T x 36D Stand 49.5W x 34.5T x 38D Solid Oak Walk Around Together 61T x 34.5T x 38D Nothing needed, Ready to go as soon as you set it up and you can monitor it from anywhere with Neptune Apex system. SB Ultra Reef lights 2 x 45” with Wi-Fi (New) Neptune Apex classic gold controller with Energy Bar 8 and Energy Bar 4 Neptune leak sensors x 3, FMM, PM2, and VDM modules 40G sump with SB Refugium light, Maxi-jet 600 Oct VarioS 6 Pump (1720 gal/hr) Coral Box D700 Skimmer (New) Seasoned marine pure blocks x 2 and Cheato Algae Finnex 1000-Watt Titanium Heater x 2 Tunze Auto Top off System with large water reservoir Tunze wavemaker Turbelle 6105 (2) and Waveline WavePuck II Jeabo Gyre Coral Box Wifi doser At least 50+ pounds of Live rock, also have dead rock for you to have Live sand Fish Large Tomini Tang Small Sailfin Tang Small Fox Face Bonded pair of clownfish (one black and one orange) Six line wrasse Pigmy angel Flame Angel Cleaner shrimp Coral banded shrimp Clean up crew Pistol shrimp with yellow goby paired Several LPS Corals Medium sized Clam (Blue) Getting out of the hobby and priced the tank to sell fast. Over $7000 worth of top shelf equipment if bought new. Wanting to sell as a whole, but will part out if unable to sell as a whole.
  2. Moving Livestock has to go fast

    We have two tanks, 75 and a 50. We are moving and need to sell the livestock. All is in Santa Rosa Beach, in South Walton County Florida Orange shoulder tang $45 Naso tang $35 Female blue jaw trigger $35 2 x 6 line wrasse $25 each coral shrimp $25 Blondie tang $45 yellow tang $35 Blue tang $25 3 x red cleaner shrimp $5 each 3 x sand shifting star fish $10 each mating pair clowns $50 file fish $25 many corals let me know if you have questions on them. All fish are healthy, and eat like pigs if you let them. hendersonscott66 at gmail
  3. Fish for sale

    Selling all my fish/corals, getting out of the hobby. All fish are healthy and have been in my tank for over 17 months except the Midas, which has been about 5 months. Can come see everything b4 purchase. I will not hold anything unless a deposit is made.. Roseband fairy wrasse male-$45 bout 3 1/2" Blue jaw trigger female-$45 4" Bangaii Cardinal- $5 bout 3" Will have more for sale and pics avail.... Lt 850-776-2813