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Found 2 results

  1. Biocube 14 LED tank system

    I have a Biocube 14 LED tank for sale in Navarre. Included is everything... Has live rock, sand, ricordia mushrooms Even a pair of mated clownfish! They produce a new set of eggs about every three weeks. Must take everything. Asking $200. 78I-8OI-O732
  2. Biocube 29

    I am getting out of the hobby for a while and would like to sell my Biocube 29. The tank is running now, but can be taken down any time. Live stock: ORA Picasso clown (percula) Yellow watchman paired with tiger pistol shrimp Pencil urchin Hammer with 14+ heads red plates size varies Small Duncan 6+ heads Misc small cleaning crew 20-30lbs live rock 15-20lbs live sand Equipment Biocube 29 with lid Matching stand Upgraded with rapid LED light (Aurora puck) with programmable controller and upgraded fan InTank brand fuge ( compartmentalized media backet / fuge) Tunze nano skimmer Tunze ATO VorTech powerhead Upgraded return pump misc test kits cleaners scrapers 5 gal water containers etc. This is a turn key system that just needs more time than I have to give it. Picture is from 6+ months ago, it is not that clean right now, but if someone is interested I can run a WC and shine it back up. Not willing to part out at this time. 500obo