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Found 6 results

  1. We're moving...Your Win..our Lost!Selling a complete Setup already establish High-End SC Aquarium Starfire Rimless PNP System.This is a turn-key setup and currently running. NOTE: Everything was purchase brand-new. The tank was purchase brand new in a factory sealed box delivered to my home back in September 2016 less than a year, from SC Aquariums online click at $1499.99 INCLUDED66G STARFIRE CUBE TANK (only front 3 pieces) Size: 32"W x 24"L x 20"H RIMLESS w/ high volume center overflow.Thickness: 10mm Accessories included: filter media, bio-balls (NOT USED)One pair of return loc linesSUMP3 chamber glass sump (28"W x 17"L x 13-3/4"H)SCA-302 180 Gallon skimmer with PH2000 needle wheel pump. PH2500 utility return pump Cherry cabinet with dual opening doors. Additional Accessories I purchase else where:2 x Jebao RW-4 Powerhead Pumps $50.00 each1 x Deep Blue 300 watt Heater up to 90G $35.001 x Neptune AquaController Apex Jr (Display, Temp Probe, 4-Controlled Output) $240.002 x Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor 150 $53.00 each1 x Maxi-Jet 1200 pump $30.001 x Auqa Gadget MagnaFuge LED Light - Innovative Marine $50.001 x Smart ATO $149.001 x MarsAqua 165W LED Aquarium Light Dimmable Full Spectrum $100.00LIVESTOCK1 x Red Sea Sohal Tang Medium $259.991 x Yellow Tang - Hawaii Medium $40.001 x Blue Hippo Tang - Small $50.001 x Banggai Cardinal - Medium $17.001 x Flame Angel - Small/Medium $50.001 x Watanabei Angelfish (Female) Small 1 1/4" to 2-1/2" $80.001 x Purple Firefish $35.00INVERTS1 x Scarlet Shrimp (Cleaner) Medium $25.00 There are (10) Bubble Tip Anemones3 x Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones $75.00 each5 x Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $50.00 each1 x Green Bubble Tip Anemone $301 x Yellow Bubble Tip Anemone $3010-15 Hermit crabs5- 6 Nassarius snails5-6 Margarita snailsCORALS1 x Red Montipora Cap Large1 x Chili Pepper Montipora1 x Aussie Purple Duncan 25+ heads colony1 x Aussie Orange Wall Hammer - Large2 x Biocolor Hammer 1 x Peach Hammer1 x Aussie Orange Frogspawn1 x Green Frogspawn2 x SYMPHYLIA Closed Brain1 x Cynarina Button Coral 1 x 2+ BlastoMultiples High-END Zoanthids & Palys... Rastas, Darth Mauls, Blue Eye Blondies, Rainbow Hornets, Utter Chaos, WOW and more!The tank is packed with corals..well over $1000 in livestock!Liverock covered purple Coraline algaeCaribSea Ocean Caribbean Live Sand 40lbsThis setup purchase individually will cost you over $4K so my asking price of $1500 Cash is firm. NO trades, NO Parting..NO NO NO..$$$CASH FIRM. NO time for games. I want to sell all gone the same day.If interested and serious send me your number to talk, I don't do text period. I'm a retired disable US Marine and I prefer to talk to a live person. I have a child at home so please DON'T call after 9PM. If you text me I will not reply. Everything I've purchase brand-new, not second hand. It's in immaculate condition the entire setup looks new, and NO Scratches!Livestock is all healthy, you will not see not 1 apatasia in my tank. I water change almost every week 10%Thank you for looking!
  2. 120 gal WTT for a 90 cube only

    I have a 120 gal reef ready Marineland that I would like to trade for a 90 cube. My tank is in excellent condition and has a manufacturing date of march 2015(date sticker still hidden on inside trim).The tank is currently in use and has been since I bought it new 2yrs ago from Matts Corals. Nothing is wrong with it, just wanna downgrade. Can come see in person or will send pics. LT-850-776-2813. Located in Pensacola.
  3. Fish for sale

    Selling all my fish/corals, getting out of the hobby. All fish are healthy and have been in my tank for over 17 months except the Midas, which has been about 5 months. Can come see everything b4 purchase. I will not hold anything unless a deposit is made.. Roseband fairy wrasse male-$45 bout 3 1/2" Blue jaw trigger female-$45 4" Bangaii Cardinal- $5 bout 3" Will have more for sale and pics avail.... Lt 850-776-2813
  4. 55 gal freshwater aquarium with 6 fish. Comes with stand with room for another aquarium below, heater, lights, filter, etc. (see pictures below). $175. Tank measures 48"W 18:H 12.5" D. approximately 3 years old. call (850) 712-1278.
  5. sBox Extreme 16" Wifi Features:SB Reef Lights proprietary layout and spectrum. Wifi control through IOS (Apple). Up to 48 set points for each channel/ 144 per day, Android Up to 10 set points for each channel/ 30 per day. Moon light channel165w (55x3w diodes). Upgraded, quieter fans - higher CFM flow. Mounting legs (16 to 30"). Hanging kit also included. 2 year USA warranty.Used only 4 months, perfect condition. Great for any reef fish, coral aquarium. $170 cash obo. Located in Niceville, FL.
  6. Newer (6 month old) Deep Blue 74 gallon tall salt water aquarium with black stand. Also, has a custom clear view lid/top made from Artfully Acrylic. Absolutely nothing wrong with this aquarium, still under warranty. $250 cash.