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  1. Free Gifts and Eerily Good Savings. Treat yourself to discounts: Use the code "rockmonster" to save 10% on rock orders. You can also use the code "halloween" to save 15% off any other product, except Quick Crews. Need a cleaner package? Use the code "spooky" to save 12% off quick crews, and any other product, except rock. Plus: Leave a note to the effect of "Send me a treat!" in the comments field during checkout, and we will send a free item of our choice worth at least 10% of your order. Cannot ship with rock though. It will be a surprise. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday! BROWSE THE SHOP
  2. We have a Buy One Get One Free Sale today on all dry goods, except rock, Nyos rock "cement", and barnacles. Buy any dry good, and get a free one of equal or lesser value at no cost. Just send us the names of the items you would like to receive for free and we will add them to your order. You can do this in the comments section, or a follow up email. In either event we will contact you if we don't receive a list to ensure you get to take advantage of the sale. Thank you for all of your support, we appreciate it! John This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Use these links to help make navigating this section easier, or just jump right in and see all of our dry goods here. Food Cleaning Supplies for Glass AquariumsCleaning Supplies for Acrylic AquariumsNuisance Control Filtration Media Water Conditioners Additives and Supplements Browse by Brand All Dry Goods Choose the type of food: Whole Item Foods Coral Food Plankton Pellet Food Flake Food Live Food Food for Herbivores Food Enhancers Or see all of our food offerings here. Browse by Brand: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Bay Brand Boyd's Brightwell Continuum Coral Frenzy ESV Flipper Hikari Joe's JW Kent Kordon Lee's LifeGuard MagFloat New Life Spectrum Nyos Ocean Nutrition Poly Lab Python Red Sea Reef Source Salifert Seachem Selcon Two Little Fishies
  3. Clean Up Crew Sale!

    We are currently offering a 15% discount on all of our "Quick Crews", that come with free shipping. They are reef safe clean up crews designed to tackle common algae issues in over 50 different standard tank sizes, and come with or without hermit crabs. To receive the discount use the code "quick" during checkout. You can find them here: Happy Reefing!
  4. We received a discount from our supplier on an extra batch of our Florida Reef Rock this week, and wanted to pass it along to you. Until Monday, July 27th we are offering our 50 pound boxes of Florida Reef Rock for only $85 with free shipping. We rarely are able to offer a discount on rock, and it will be unlikely that we will be able to offer it at this price again for some time. If you do not need rock, you can save 10% off any live order with the code "reefclub". You can find our rock here: Happy Reefing!
  5. Keep It Simple!

    We posted a new article on the website, some tips for beginners to keep this hobby from becoming a chore and reducing frustration by illustrating some pitfalls that can make tank maintenance hard, you can find it here: I tried to post it here, but it gave me an error. Maybe too many words...well anyway there you are. Hope it helps!
  6. Happy Veterans Day weekend everyone! To celebrate, we are running a 10% off discount on all of our products with the exception of rock on any orders placed today through Tuesday night at 11:59 PM. To take advantage of the discount use the code "vetsareawesome". Thank you again for all your support over the years, we greatly appreciate it! John
  7. Sea Hare Sale!

    We have a small overstock of ragged sea hares, and have them available at the moment for $5. Ragged sea hares are excellent against cyano, especially members of the Lyngbya genus. They will also eat hair algae, but will not eat some of the complex macroalgae that other sea hares eat, this may or may not be a good thing depending on your tank's needs so if you have any questions let me know. You can find them here as long as they are in stock:
  8. Macroalgae Sale!

    We have a good amount of macroalgae in stock, include some Liagora and the last of the season's codium. Sargassum and Flame algae are also in decent supply. Chaeto is also in stock as is Halimeda. Use the code "macroalgae" sale, (no quotes, all lowercase), to receive 25% off the macroalgae portion of your order. Thanks again! Unfortunately we cannot apply this code retroactively. John Maloney
  9. From now until Sat May 10th at 11:59pm your local time you can use the code "ten" to receive a 10% discount off your order of anything on our site really, including our Florida Reef Rock which is very rarely discounted. Thanks again for your support over the years! John
  10. Snail Sale! is having a 10% off sale on all items on the website now, through Saturday at 5pm EST. To take advantage of the sale, use the code "snailsale" during checkout. Thanks again for the support, email me if you have any questions. The sales rules we have all come to love: * No retroactive application of any sale terms. * Discounts can't be combined with any other promotion * Rock can't be discounted or shipped with livestock
  11. The Contest: Do people tell you your tank is ugly? In my experience people aren't that rude without cause. They may be right. If so, good news! It is time yet again to show us a south facing window is not the best lighting choice. The 5th annual Ugly Tank Contest is open to contestants. We are looking for tanks that are ugly, just really, really ugly. Cyano plauging your coral? Nice! Hair algae covering your mag float? No wonder you can't find it! Please post pics! The Rules: Submissions must have a full tank shot (FTS). Only that picture will count towards the contest, but other supporting close up photos are appreciated. You can reply to this thread to submit the photo. Pictures must be submitted by March 16th. We will be selecting the worst 7 tanks from those submitted. Each of these tanks will receive a $10 gift certificate. I personally will be choosing the finalists to narrow down the chance of popularity becoming an issue; the results have "improved" in the years we have had this policy so we will continue it until we come up with a better one. Each of the finalists will then vote for the tank they think is the worst, but are not allowed to vote for their own tank. You don't need to have turf algae, that is just a goofy name I came up with. Any algae filled tank will do. Winner gets a free custom clean up crew shipped to clean the tank, or a refund for any custom crew that was purchased during the tank contest time. Plus! Each entrant gets a $5 gift certificate. You will have to send me an email or pm with the code you want to use. Just something simple will work, like "Hey John, I posted a photo in the ugly tank contest, I want my code to be "jmaloney" " Just make sure to put the code in quotes or on a separate line. Show us how bad it can get! Be prepared for some good humored kidding, but please don't be embarrassed. If algae didn't happen I would be out of a job. To Enter: Simply post a picture here. We will combine with other pictures from around the net into our contest thread located on this page: Major Updates will be posted on this page, so if you are a contestant you will want to subscribe to it. Best of luck to you all, I hope each of your tanks is just terrible.
  12. is having a Black Friday sale today, it is 15% off the entire store, with the exception of our rock. Rock is sale priced today though. Sale ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. To take advantage of the sale, use the discount code "blackfriday" during checkout. Unfortunately this discount cannot be retroactively applied to an order, you can add to a previously made order by checking the group buy option during checkout and leaving the note "combine with previous order" in the comments field found immediately before the confirm order button. Thanks again! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Keep an eye out for the Ugly Tank Contest that resumes later this week. (Just a quick note, our Monday shipment will book pretty early this week because of a holiday related backlog. I apologize for that).
  13. Coralline Algae Article

    Many new tank owners ask us about coralline algae, so we added an article to the website about it, you can find it here: How do you Grow Coralline?
  14. We recently added 3 new articles to cover some of the more general questions we get asked. They cover basic topics and you can find them here: Saltwater Aquarium Parameter Chart What is Berlin Filtration, or what is a Berlin Filtration System? How to Start a Siphon, tips and tricks. A few tips can be found in the siphon article if you are still doing it the "old fashioned way" you might find helpful. I will add some pictures to help illustrate the concepts by the end of the week, when we publish the next set of articles. If there are topics you would like to see in the future, (even if just for handy reference), let us know and we will make sure to get and article on the website soon.
  15. Memorial Day Weekend Sale! is having a 30% off sale on selected macroalgae and saltwater plants, including easier to keep calcified greens. (Shaving brushes, caps, fans etc..). Our most popular inverts are also sale priced, and the code "memorialday" will be in effect throughout the weekend, and is worth 10% off The discount is good for every item we sell. Rock included despite restrictions on the website.