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  1. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    If the other person decides they are not interest I will be i am located in Niceville 850-374-2824
  2. Equipment for sale

    Is this still available
  3. Aquarium equipment yard sale 9/15

    I am interested in the 40 cube 850-374-2824 thanks, Keith
  4. Request Helping Hands Sunday Moving Tank

    I may be able to help I’ll know for sure tomorrow
  5. First coral

    Does anyone in this group on occasion sell ricordeas?
  6. First coral

    I will defiantly look into those as well I am interested in those
  7. First coral

    Thanks I will defiantly do some research on care and get back with you it will be a little bit before I start adding coral to the tank
  8. First coral

  9. First coral

    Looking at possible adding first coral to the tank in the next two months or so wondering what is a good first coral
  10. Monthly Meeting Starting July 1st.

    Ok thank you
  11. Monthly Meeting Starting July 1st.

    Quick question is this on the 1st or the 8th I seen it on Facebook and says the 8th?
  12. ISO aqua clear 110

    Looking for a aqua clear 70-110 for sale interested in trying to make a refugium got one
  13. First tank

    Thanks I am in Niceville
  14. First tank

    Started first tank on Friday 29 Gallon Biocube with led retrofit.i built the stand couldn’t see spending more on a stand. I used the dr Tim’s ammonia and all in on tank cycle going to lfs today to get ammonia test kit the one I bought did not have it.
  15. Thanks for the add

    Thanks for the add. I am new to reef keeping, but have aquariums throughout my life but never a reef tank. I picked up a use Biocube 29 and am getting ready to set it up I look forward to reading and listening on this forum.