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  1. PAR Meter

    All, Does anyone have or know of a local fish store that has a PAR meter I can use/rent? I'm located in FWB. I'm using the SbReef ultra leds. Thanks
  2. Where would it be held at?
  3. Yea, when I first put the tank up two years ago i thought about t5's. At the time i was like leds have a ton of controlability so I chose leds. T5's I feel like the light spreads more evenly, but it is what it is. LEDs are just a pain to adjust to your tank when you already have coral in it.
  4. I will, I'm just gonna bring the intensity down and start low and work my way up. Hopefully it will work better for me. Thanks
  5. First coral

    No problem, I'm located in fwb btw. Xenia is a softie and pretty easy to keep. It ultimately depends on what you want.
  6. First coral

    I have some pulsing xenias you can have. They are neat to watch they are my wife's favorite bc of the movement they create in the tank. The only problem is they grow really quick unless you don't mind that.
  7. Okay thanks, so should I take my blue down to 10 to 15 %? It's currently ramping up to 30% using the excel spreadsheet. White and warm white 4%. With uv maxing to 100% because Mike said uv is good for coral.
  8. My light is roughly 17 inches above the water. How did you transition to the lighting schedule you have now? Did you start off with the excel spreadsheet that is available?
  9. Thank you Dakota. Mike commented that there was no error on the formula for the uv leds. So now I have them going to 100% peak. Do you think my coral is fading or not opening bc of the new lighting? Also, can too much blue (peaks at 35%) bleach your coral? Btw my white and warm whites are at 4% peak.
  10. Hello, I've had my 34 inch sbreef ultra on my 40b for about 1 to 2 weeks. I used the excel spreadsheet for the most part. My blues max at 35%, whites 4%, warm white 4%. The whites were at 10%. But I decreased bc my duncans and some zoas were not opening. Still some are not and my green slimer (sps) is fading. What is the best way to tackle this issue? Also, on the spreadsheet the UV values dont change even if I use different peak % values. It jumps from off to 33% and then to 100% where is remains for the rest of the day. Therefore, I have it maxed out to 10% because I didnt know if this is correct. Previously I had one rapidled corona which I had ramping to 55% blue, 20% white, 5% red, 5% green. They are at the same height but the corona didn't spread across the tank like the ultra. Any information to help me set up the ultra properly for my tank would be amazing and greatly appreciated. I'm not too worried about pleasing the eye right now, I really want to make sure my coral are happy and healthy. Thanks in advance
  11. Move assistance

    Hey, I'm on Eglin also. I could give you a hand for a few hours if you still need it. You can text me at 850-830-8128.
  12. Ultra sb reef leds

    Okay thanks, I didnt know they performed like the ones they use but a different look (as far as light spectrum goes).
  13. Ultra sb reef leds

    Thank you, if you are talking about the massive tank inside the store yea I see it. But they didnt have the ultras hangging over it. The ultras are the really nice, thin, silver units right?
  14. Hello everyone! I'm curious if anyone is running the ultra sb reef leds? I went to the Pensacola store to hopefully check them out, but they didnt seem to be running any on their coral tanks. I know it is fairly new, but is there a reason to why they were not displaying one "actually" being used? Thanks
  15. Live stock sale

    What type of zoas do you have?