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  1. Ultra sb reef leds

    Okay thanks, I didnt know they performed like the ones they use but a different look (as far as light spectrum goes).
  2. Ultra sb reef leds

    Thank you, if you are talking about the massive tank inside the store yea I see it. But they didnt have the ultras hangging over it. The ultras are the really nice, thin, silver units right?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm curious if anyone is running the ultra sb reef leds? I went to the Pensacola store to hopefully check them out, but they didnt seem to be running any on their coral tanks. I know it is fairly new, but is there a reason to why they were not displaying one "actually" being used? Thanks
  4. Live stock sale

    What type of zoas do you have?
  5. Live stock sale

    I'm on Eglin too. Do you still have the shrimp?
  6. Complete setup for sale

    Would you happen to have any pictures of the 30 gallon, stand and sump? Thanks