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  1. Price reduced, XLg Green Sinularia F/S, $250 OBO

    Great guy to purchase your corals from. He has a huge tank set up with tons of healthy to purchase from. Most are colonies and are willing to frag a piece you'd like for great prices. Definitely recommend to purchase from.
  2. Diamond Goby

    Looking to rehome this 5-6inch diamond goby. Its free to a good home. Its in a net and need it gone by end of today or it goes to a fish store first thing in the morning.I am also willing to take in any unwanted clownfish, or any small fish except damsels or any free frags are welcome! I also have a whole bunch of chaeto for pick up as well. Shoot me a text. 646 four62 8six09.
  3. iso mp10

    looking to purchase a mp10. please let me know if someone is selling one! 6464628609
  4. Lighting for Sale

    Can you text me at 646462- eight6zero9?
  5. Lighting for Sale

    let me know if you still have the kessel light!
  6. One ai hydra 52 led

    is the light still available?
  7. ISO hydor 240 and smart wave

    If anyone out there has a set of hydor 240, smart wave or both, let me know! 6464628609
  8. Hydor 240

    Im looking for hydor 240. If you guys have it, please let me know!
  9. WTB rock. Live or dead.

    I have some you can just take.
  10. Anenome

    I'm looking for a bubble tip anenome. Unfortunately my last one didnt do so well after I moved it to a new set up. Smaller the better. Please let me know! I don't need anything fancy.
  11. Freshwater??

    Can you shoot me a pic of it? My number is 6464628609
  12. Wtb montipora frags

    I have a red monti you can have.
  13. Freshwater??

    Anyone sells freshwater plants? rocks? Wood?
  14. Craiglist Post

    Does anyone know anybody name of Nick who is trying to sell his aquarium?
  15. Hollywood stunner chalice

    Got 2 pieces of 1 x 1 hollywood stunner chalice I can trade! Let me know!