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  1. Lots of corals for sale

    Great person to buy coral from. You are not going to find better quality anywhere else!
  2. Text for pics 6782307426
  3. Rainbow bubble tip clone

    Still available?
  4. Aquarium equipment yard sale 9/15

    what kind of pumps do you have?
  5. Harlequin Shrimp

    I have a big one for trade. He has done his job. No more astra starfish in my tank. Will take sps or Lps. I live in Pace. 678twothree07426.
  6. Monster bird of paradise colony

  7. First coral

  8. Monster bird of paradise colony

    7in by 5in Bird of Paradise $150 Text for pics 678-230-7426
  9. Gyre 130

    is that the older model of the 230?
  10. A couple sps frags avail

    Where are you located?
  11. A couple sps frags avail

    Where are you located?
  12. 4 stage Spectra Pure RODI w TDS

    $50. Needs new canisters and new battery for TDS.
  13. 24G System for sale $400

  14. Water Quality for Coral

    I guess my question is, I know we want 0TDS when growing coral, but when we can't get it, what is a good number to have when growing SPS? Thanks!
  15. Water Quality for Coral

    I have been growing coral for the past year in my system, mostly sps. I have been using a 4 stage RODI unit and the TDS was 25. I thought that the water must be really bad here in Pace, Fl to have a TDS of 25 out of an RODI unit, so I checked the tap water with a TDS meter and regular tap water is 34!!! My RODI was not filtering well. Pace, FL has some really good water!