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  1. A couple sps frags avail

    Where are you located?
  2. A couple sps frags avail

    Where are you located?
  3. 4 stage Spectra Pure RODI w TDS

    $50. Needs new canisters and new battery for TDS.
  4. 24G System for sale $400

  5. Water Quality for Coral

    I guess my question is, I know we want 0TDS when growing coral, but when we can't get it, what is a good number to have when growing SPS? Thanks!
  6. Water Quality for Coral

    I have been growing coral for the past year in my system, mostly sps. I have been using a 4 stage RODI unit and the TDS was 25. I thought that the water must be really bad here in Pace, Fl to have a TDS of 25 out of an RODI unit, so I checked the tap water with a TDS meter and regular tap water is 34!!! My RODI was not filtering well. Pace, FL has some really good water!
  7. Fish for sale

    I might take both your hippos if they are available. Again I have a 220G tank.
  8. Fish for sale

    I'll take your smallest hippo. I have a 220G.
  9. Livestock and Rock for sale

    I'm interested in the tri color and duncan.
  10. SPS fs in Pensacola

    I purchased some sps from him. He's got good stuff and you won't be disappointed.
  11. Looking for "REAL CHAETO"

    I live in Pace. A lot of people have mixed chaeto with other things. I just want plain chaeto. I will pay or I have frags.
  12. LTB Fish and Coral

    Thanks I already have a purple tang. I'm really interested in a healthy hippo kept captive.
  13. LTB Fish and Coral

    Anyone selling any tangs?
  14. Wtb sps coral

    Mdw I pm'd you.
  15. Wtb sps coral

    New message sent.