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  1. 1st Anniversary Sale

    Starts Friday night with our 1st ever Midnight Madness Special 9pm-Midnight Instant Ocean 200g $25 (limit 4) All Saltwater fish 33% off All freshwater fish 50% off All corals 25% OFF All frags Buy 2 regular price get 1 FREE!!! Buy 10 frags get 5 free PLUS 1 FRAG from our 560g (Mike's pick) All fish food 25% off All frozen food 25% off (limit 2) All SW additives 25% off All pumps, skimmers, wavemakers, dosers 20% off All aquarium set ups (tank, stand canopy) 15% plus free glass top All all-in-one set ups 20% off Nano up to 45g SB Reeflights - pick up only 25% off All test kits 25% OFF All heaters 25% off All airpumps and airline 25% off All decorations 30% off All nets, water change kits, cleaning supplies 25% off All water conditioners and medications 25% off Any 90g or larger complete setup gets 1 month free service Buy nay Betta set up @ 20% off and get a free Betta Spend $25 or more and get a free SB Reefs car decal Spend $50 or more and get a free SB Pen Spend $75 or more and get a free SB car decal and pen spend $100 or more get a decal, pen and an acrylic Scrapper (while supplies last) SUPER SPECIALS: 150g tank with RJ solid wood stand and canopy only $999.95. Over $600 off! Only one at this price choose Dark Expresso or Honey Birch stand/canopy. Plus free delivery within 20 miles 32g biocube LED with stand $449.95!!!! 16g biocube LED with stand $349.95!!! both boicubes come with free delivery...... to the parking lot. please note we will NOT be selling RODI or premixed salt Friday night no shipping local sales only.
  2. Thank you all

    We just wanted to thank all that came out to help this Sunday to move the 560 to it's new home. It already has it's first resident. It's not reef safe so it'll have to be moved to a new home soon. Plus it's looking like it is starting to out grow this tank. Reef of dreams, build it and they come. SB Reefs
  3. LTB RO/Di System

    Sorry but we do not carry RO/DI units. Your best bets are club sponsor Air, Water, & Ice, or Bulk Reef Supply, Marine Depot, or Ebay. Added: make sure to get a unit with DI. A RO unit doesn't do it by it's self
  4. Club meeting

    It may not be an offical meet, but we would love to have the club in our store Sunday. Infact we will be opening the doors to club members an hour early, at 11am. But club memeber are also welcome on Saturday, some of the insane deals maybe gone by Sunday. We got in some real nice fish this week, a Midnight Dwarf Angle, a pair od absolutely amazing XL Blue Stripe Clowns, ML Bluespot Orange Tail Puffer, Trent is workinig on making a Vlamingii Tang a fish you can pet like he did our last one, A very nice M Scopus Tang, A mated pair of Blue Jaw Triggers, 4 Sadleback Anthias that took us by supprise how good they look, A couple of Orange Linckia Stars at a stupid price. The Frag tanks are full Even more so come by and check it out. Got Reef? SBReefsTheStore

    keep an eye on this thread there might be more to announce.

    Saturday and Sunday July 1st and 2nd -Free hotdogs 11-4pm each day -Free facepainting 11-4pm each day -Each peson gets 1 ticket for visiting, no purchase needed, members get an additional ticket, suporting members get one more. -For each $50 spent you get an additional ticket -Tickets are used to enter into the giveaways. Drawing Monday 7/3 @ 5pm. You Do Not need to be present to win. Giveaways!!! -Fluval 26 gallon bow front aquarium complete setup *Tank, stand, filter, top, light, heater, food, ect -ULTRA MEGA FRAG PACK!!! Some of the best corals from our 560g display tank *Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum Digi, Pearlberry, Red Planet, PC Rainbow, Bonzi, Nuclear Bali Slimmer, Pikachu, SB Ginger Hammer -Your coice frag pack - any 5 frags $49.95 or less -Eshopps R100 refugium sump -AT Xyclone Protein Skimmer (100g) -1 year Saltwater and Ro/DI (20g total a week) -Freshwater plant pack (10 plants) Specials!!!! Door Busters!!! I'm getting fired!!! -160g Bucket Instant Ocean $19.95 after $10 rebate 160g Bucket Reef Crystals $24.95 after $10 rebate -All Coral Frags buyb 3 get 1 free -All "Ultra" corals 20% off -Mushroom colony rocks starting at $15 -Zoa colony rocks starting at $5 -Engineer Gobies $5 -Firefisg Gobies $5 -Saltwater Coral Catfish 4 for $29 -Clean Up Crew *nerite, astrea, truchus snails, red leg hermits $1.00 each -Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $49.95 -All Bettas 20% off -Free Betta($5.95 or less) with purchase of any Betta kit -All $1.99 freshwater fish 10/$10 mix and ma tch -African Cichlids 10%off -Coral Box skimmers 10% off -All fish food 10% off, includes frozen -Plus other announced specials SB Reef Lights 10%off for in store pick up only!! All models!! New Store hours: (open 7 days a week) Monday-Thursday 10-7pm Friday and Saturday 10-8pm Sunday 12-5pm
  7. Free at your LFS

    I know quite a few of the LFS carry the but we just got in a new shippment of the 2nd quarter of Reef Hobbyist Magazine. If you haven't gottne it yet come and grab one. The quarter highlights "The Bounce Mushroom Phenomenon". It also has articles on the Johnson's Farry Wrasse and Dartfish. Also "A Control Freeks Guide to Reefing" "It's Ok to Flake" "Preventing the Crash" and "Customizing a Reef-ready System". So check it out. Good Reef, Charlie Brown SB Reef the Store

    We would like to invite everyone to our Grand Re-opening July 1st & 2nd We will have new specials everyday, door prizes Saturday and Sunday hotdogs will be provided and a 25 gallon bow front complete setup grand prize at the end of the day Sunday. one purchase eash day will allow you to enter into one of the drawings, forum members get an additional entry, supporting members get one more up to 3 entries per day. Our normal ours on Sunday are 12:00 to 5:00 but we will let club members in an hour early to browse, frag swap, what not. Keep an eye open, will be giving hints and revealing some spectacular deals for the Grand Re-opening. Happy Reefing SB Reefs The Store
  9. In Now

    We are open now. Hours Mon-Fri 10am-8pm Sat 10am-7pm Sun 12pm-5pm Come and see us. Construction and moving are still on going, But fresh is up, salt now has 4 runs, corals are stocked and ready to goto your house. Service department is ready to take care of your tanks needs. We have a new 200g FOWLR tank, Hamburger has been moved to a new tank with his pal the calico crab, working on a seahorse tank that its's current residents include a blue streak cleaner wrasse, mimic blenny, a royal gramma, and a gem tang. SB McGhee has algea growing on him and danios swimming around his head. Happy Reefing from SB Reefs and more.
  10. In Now

    Hey folks we got a new shippment of fish in today from every ocean but the Artic. Our 200g dispaly has 2 new residents, An out of this world Harliquin Tusk, and a 16 inch Spotted Cat Shark. Some nice sized Gold Stripped Maroon Clowns more of those wonderful Bi-color Cleaner Wasse. Dragon Wrasse a very large Exquisite Wrasse Lubbucks Fairy Wrasse Bi-colored Angel A pair of Japanese Masked Swallowtail Angelfish you have to see them. X-mas island Flame Angel Atlantic Porcupine Puffer Blueline Fuscus Trigger
  11. It lives.

    Grand opening is comming soon. Ever hear of a bucket of salt for under $20?