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  1. Catching 3 Yellow Tail Damsels

    Thanks Larry. Messaging him now, and if that doesn’t work somehow, I’ll try the bottle. Thanks again!
  2. In our 150 gallon we just got new pumps (Vortech MP40's) as well as new lights, and as a result we're wanting to put some more fish in there. Plus our flame fin tang (he has white on the tail, not sure if flamefin or the other) barely comes out and I've read that another tang will help with that. Now the problem: we have three yellow-tailed damsels in the tank. How do I catch them? I've heard the bottle method but it confuses me. Thanks, Zach
  3. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    They had some chaeto as it turned out. Chaeto mixed in with the coulipera, so my reactor is now 90% chaeto and 10% caulipera. Should i take out the caulipera by hand so there is just chaeto?
  4. UWF's Saltwater Reef System

    Hey guys, So here is the reef system that I am in charge of on campus. I'm sorry I can't get a full front tank shot, but the algae is so bad on the glass that it will take my coworker a while to get rid of it all. It's acrylic, pretty sure around 120 gallons or so? We're wanting to setup the tank to the left of it as a giant refugium, but we cannot drill into the tank to plum. I was thinking of doing a "U" plumbing system in between the two tanks, but I'd love your ideas as well. Currently there is a hawkfish, three yellowtail damsels (yes yes I know... not by choice), a midas blenny, a bangaii cardinalfish, and a tomini tang (Don't expect a picture of him... he is quite shy and only comes out to eat after I walk away from the tank).
  5. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Quick question, my LRS only has coulipera and red leaf macro algae. Which would be better?
  6. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Working on getting the materials still, they didn't have an led strip light so since I'm home for the 4th (in Tampa) I'm going to go to Home Depot and grab one and then grab some macro algae on my way out.
  7. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Found out my RO answers.... we get our SW made from the EPA and they filter it (I have no idea how good this is, I'm looking into it now), and our fresh water is tap (SHOCKED) so I'm going to be doing runs from the lecture hall to the facility to get about ~50-75 gal of pure RO water when i can.
  8. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Water changes are weekly, 30%. I try to remove the algae daily if possible, but most of the time it's every few days, as far as the RODI I'll get back to you on that as I have not been sadly, and same with the filter changes as to be frank I don't know where they are located. Algae type is brown algae, with very little green algae.
  9. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Just replaced them about a month or two ago. I've been keeping the whites off and just running the blues for a bit

    I'm from CO so I knew the guy he's amazing and I recommend him 100%! I bought a few once to replenish my tank and they did the job just fine.
  11. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    I think I'm going to go with the converting a canister filter to a macroalgae reactor. I just need to get some led lights and some source for the macro algae. Do you think you could lead me in the right direction to who on the forum has macro algaes?
  12. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    I'll do my best to get a front tank shot, probably should have mentioned this earlier but the tanks face the outside. They are shaded and covered but some light can obviously pass through... as I said. Nightmarish caring for haha
  13. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    I'm also going to test our water we use real quick to make sure there are no phosphates in it
  14. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Here's some pictures of the tank the second is an experimental algae scrubber with what I could find around our marine facility. We have a spare Two Little Fishies PhosBan reacted as well I can use if it'll fix the problem, among other things.
  15. Turning on/off Maxi Jet Powerheads on a Cycle?

    Thanks for all the help moat, I'm leaving my dorm now and I'll get you those pictures. The water is RODI, I wanted to be sure of that before I even tried to counteract this algae. Water parameters are in the norm, phosphates rarely get above 1. But it also doesn't count for the "hidden" phosphates that can get trapped in the rock. (If that's not a thing please correct me, I was out of the hobby itself for two years but I seem to recall something like that)