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  1. Salt Mixes

    Started using aquaforest reef salt 2weeks ago and I am wandering why I haven't used it before this stuff is amazing corals getting healthier than ever amazing color starting to come back also added there 3 part dosing this stuff is expensive but we'll worth it fish even seem to be happier
  2. WTB Chaeto

    Reef2reef guy on there forum selling by the gallon bag cheap shipped
  3. Auto top off with pump

    Up for grabs is a auto top off with sensors no longer need went a different route trade for frags or make offer won't let me upload photos text for info 8507480255 In gulfbreeze
  4. Wanting blue clue polyp

    Sb reefs has some
  5. 30 long nuvo sold please remove

    Sorry sold already I do have a 34 gallon cube available
  6. Wtb montipora frags

    When and where can I get it
  7. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    How the mp10
  8. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    I will probably try and get up with you next week I only need 2 sets as I am going to mix with hydra 52hd
  9. Marine land rimless 45 cube

    Will send you pics upon rebuild
  10. Lobstergrabber

    Great seller fantastic buy on 45 cube and stand will definitely keep you updated on build progress or rebuild in this case thanks again
  11. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    Do you still have the retro kits available
  12. When can I come look at tank
  13. Wtb montipora frags

    Thanks to all who pmd me and got me some excellent frags of monti
  14. Sold

    200 or trade for corals
  15. Sold

    Up for grabs is a lightly used set of 3 ai sol blue with ipod looking controller all lights work one needs new power supply didn't bother me as I was using only 2 at a time till I down sized to cube aquarium came with light so these need to go 8507480255