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  1. Lawnmower blenny help

    He's actually doing really well now, I think he was just so starved from the store that it took a while for him to level out. I've actually had to cut back on the nori because he got so fat. Now he's a happy little guy that spends most of his days fat and happy sitting on his seaweed.
  2. Lawnmower blenny help

    Yeah he's gotten better since day one, and the only thing I've gotten him to eat is the nori. He won't eat or even look at any of the other food sources I've offered. I was gonna try soaking some mysis or brine shrimp and garlic see if I can get him to eat that way.
  3. Lawnmower blenny help

    Yeah I checked on him when I got home, he had a fat belly, checked on him an hour later and it was caved in again. I don't think a parasite could turn his belly around that fast, could it? He may just be doing his natural thing and his belly just gets like that? He was starved at the pet store I got him from, I'm wondering if he just hasn't healed from going weeks without eating. Hes swimming around and acting normal. I just don't like the way I catch his belly being caved in from time to time. He's always sitting on the nori when I put it in, riding it like a surfboard in the current, and munching on it.
  4. Lawnmower blenny help

    Hi guys, I need some help. I have a lawnmower blenny that eats all day on nori, 6x6 inch strips. He has a fat little belly when I check on him in the morning but when get home from work his belly is caved in and he's got an open mouth. He eats all the time, when I'm off work I check every hour or so and I always catch him eating but his belly gets caved in and he looks like he's starving. Should I be worried about some sort of stomach parasites? Or am I not giving him enough nori for the day?