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  1. Wth or trade for a zebrasoma tang

    I've ordered flucanozole and plan on dosing but of course I prefer a more natural fix. The foxfaces I've owned in the past were too aggressive on all types of algae and were "threatening with their dorsel", so a zebrasoma seemed a good choice. I'm going to begin treatment tomorrow, any tips on what to watch out for?
  2. Sand

    Pm me, I have nearly a bucket of dry fine Caribbean sand
  3. Wth or trade for a zebrasoma tang

    I'm having issues with bryopsis algae growing in my zoanthids, and it's getting bad. I need a tang, preferably a zebrasoma. Willing to buy or trade coral/ dragonsbreath macro.
  4. Bleaching liverock

    I wasnt sure if bleach acted like isopropyl alcohol or it need r/o water to pull traces out of the rock
  5. Bunch of live rock for sale

    Can you pm me your number? I'm curious at to what type and shape they are.
  6. Bleaching liverock

    So I've begun the process of bleaching my old plugs, calcium frag racks, and old rick that was covered in hair algae. Ive added only 10% bleach to the water and all is looking, well, bleached as I had hoped. However, at this point the plugs are done but slightly smell of bleach. Ive rinsed them 3 times in tap water and have added dechlorinator to the water, where I'm going to leave it for 48-72 hours. Anyone have suggestions after this step? Or should it be good to slowly place in the tank?
  7. I have some bryopsis growing in my main tank and need a sea hate to clean up real quick. I'll trade or buy him, preferably just borrow it lol
  8. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    Do you still have any corals for trade? I have some hornets and bride of Chuck, etc.
  9. Penny size plugs of Hollywood stunner- 10 Fuzzy green and purple rhodactus mushrooms- 5 each or 4 for 15, or 40+ for 150 OG Magician zoas- 10 each Red hornets- 15 each or 3 for 35 Red dragons breath macro - 15 for a quarter to half dollar size Orange bambam- 15 for one or 20 for 2 Firework clove polyps- 4 polyps for 20 Tangerine zoas- 5 each La lakers- 15 each Sunny d paly- 15 each Blue salted agave paly- 45 each Softball size finger leather- 50
  10. Corals Ft/fs

    What's your phone number? I'm free to swing by tomorrow
  11. Sps And Zoas/paly Fs (All sold)

    Are those midas zoa polyps I see? If so are they for sale?
  12. Corals Ft/fs

    Pm me what's left, I'm available Sunday.
  13. Everything For Sale 110 Gallon Tank

    Interested in the cleanup crew. Pm me the types please
  14. Everything For Sale 110 Gallon Tank

    Interested in the cleanup crew. Pm me the types please
  15. Birdsnest Connoisseurs Looking To Trade?

    I have the pink/ green tip, looking for any that are needle pointed. Crown of thorns, etc. Wtb