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  1. I haven't fully settled between vinegar and vodka but was leaning to vodka due to laziness, so the dosing container would need refilling less often, lol. With about 270 gallons total volume hoped the amount of vodka needed in the end would be high enough for the Apex doser to be accurate enough in what it dosses. Thanks for the input as well, I'll skip the Marinepure. Water changes fixed my boo-boo and seems stable anyway, so will work from there again. REALLY happy I had my new trash can delivered to replace my salt mix vat that was leaking just in time though
  2. Long time, no see Just as before, I'm just creeping along slowly. However, I thought I was getting close and ran into some issues, and then made it worse The tank ran empty and dark for quite some time. Once lit and a little bit stocked I went through the usual. Diatoms, then a little GHA, both went away as expected. Then red turf showed up. I've never had it. N03 and PO4 both remained at/near undectable but knew the algae was taking it up. I swapped GFO more often and increased water changes. If I changed 30-40 gallons a day for a few days I saw it recede a TINY bit. This was also fueled by excessive feeding, but it was hard to feed just three fish in this big tank and have them actually find the food. Putting the foam on my MP-60's due to a little clown am sure is adding to it based on how dirty they are when rinsing them about every other day. Looking around the internet more I became sure it was cotton candy algae that came in on a little TBS rock I used to seed the dry rock. Well, I was making no headway I found that Mexican turbo snails was about the only thing that would eat it so hoped that would work. At least get the nutrients back into the water column where I could remove it. Only 8 of them, so in this 270 it likely wouldn't have worked anyway, but that's when impatience hit I decided I would try some snake oil since many reports on Vibrant was that it did work. Ingredients look like the same ultimate concept as vodka dosing, other than being a single hit. The Vibrant worked. It worked too well, and at a time where it was really bad timing. The algae died off fast and all those nutrients released over maybe a 4-5 day period. Bad part is I had a new sebae anemone from DFS and a LTA from SBreefs. The sebae went fast, then the LTA. Day after that all three good size cleaner shrimp were MIA so I now had two dead anemones and three shrimp on top of the nitrates already climbing. I would guess it was higher at some point, but that day I checked and it was up to 40ppm and nitrites were slightly detectable. Water change time again, 20-50 gallons a day again. IT now seems stable at least. Nitrates will drop to around 5ppm if changing about 20-30 gallons a day. If I skip the change it will climb to around 10 but seems to stabilize there right now. So, the question part... Long term I had intended to dose vodka anyway, so thinking to start that soon. My nitrates running 5-10ppm now. My PO4 though tops out at .02 so if I understand vodka dosing correctly my results will be limited with NO3 so high compared to PO4. I do run GFO, but it's past due to be changed. I am thinking though I could leave what's left of that GFO and start the vodka, slowly increasing it. Besides watching NO3 though, stop increasing it once PO4 appears to be exhausted, remove the GFO entirely, and get back to increasing the vodka after I see a little PO4 again? I have two empty compartments in sump/fuge so considering a marinepure block in one of them to if lucky help a little on the NO3 side so they are more balanced for the carbon dosing. I would move much slower than most articles I've read, and determining how much is safe to increase at a time I'm fine with, but I'm hesitant on simply starting, what to do with the GFO, overall order, etc. Good news is, even with those nutrients all back in the water column the algae is only regrowing in a small way. The clean up crew now seems to keep up and the kole tang who turned its nose up at the red algae is now continually eating on the rock which appears to only have a small resurgence of GHA and very little of that nasty red stuff If I can get past this nutrient issue I may finally be ready for some SPS frags. Hmmm, only took two years, lol.
  3. Sadly breaking down my 90

    Much better plan I think we ALL know what happens when we "get out of the hobby", lol.
  4. Scooter 270G

    Just a little progress update, other than I take forever in general, lol. Tank just circulated in the dark with a small cycle from some pukani I used for what felt like forever. Phosphates and nitrates undetectable. When I finally got the lights up I had a very brief, maybe three days or so of diatoms. I added a little TBS rock to seed all the dry rock I used, and by the second morning hair algae had exploded Phosphate and nitrates are still undedectable, so the explosion of HA utilized it as fast as it was released. It also rapidly went from green, to brown, to a translucent yellow so I'm assuming it had utilized the majority of nutrients. I now have only a few spots still green. GFO has been running since the day I added the TBS rock. I also now have some macros in the fuge. It did return to getting a little worse while I was on vacation for a week and ran skimmerless so the house sitter wouldn't need to deal with it. I'm just crossing my fingers I can keep it short lived and bring the nutrients back down quick. In the meantime, while not a fix or cure all, I changed my stocking order and picked up a Foxface Lo today and is in QT. Maybe he can munch away soon. Anyway, so far I'm up to a pearly jawfish, firefish, blue spot watchman, four royal gramma (bought 5, one was DOA and all looked half dead but recovered in QT. Shipping box was broken and HOT), three cleaner shrimp, and pistol shrimp. I HAD a tiny yellow watchman I got at Mike's along with the pistol. It made it two days in the DT before taking a waterslide right down and into the skimmer. The blue spot I got is huge, so there will be no repeat, lol. I'll finally be ready for coral, and a single sebae nem once I get through the algae issue. Since I have my own server it looks like I also need to get all my pics moved from Photobucket and start just using my own server. I'll get around to that Thanks to all for past input, or answering questions in a PM, etc.
  5. Yuck!!

    Ok. I started the day with a plan!!! I was curious how well the Auto Temp Compensation (ATC) refractometers really worked. Newly re-installed mixing station in the garage is a sweltering 84 degrees, so I didn't want to trust the 1.025 I was seeing. So, it was time for a short experiment. A little water from the display in one little juice glass, some from the mixing station in another. Let them sit for a good while until both at room temp and exact temp as the calibration fluid. Yippee, all three still read 1.025. Hmmm. Be sure to dump that stuff when done!!! I left the juice glasses on the counter. A little later it was time for my blood pressure meds and thought "Oh, that's enough water left in that glass!". LOL, I doubt I need to provide any further detail!!! Very happy there is no Paly risk at least, lol.
  6. At a loss - QT

    I drained the saltwater bin yesterday. Bottom was covered in precipitate I never noticed looking down. Not the issue, and not a big deal. However, I had numerous old buckets of salt I picked up here and there along with used equipment so no clue if THEY were contaminated. I also picked up a slight smell I can't even describe, other than "Industrial" and my eyes watered. So, even with no clue on how, or why, I think it's solved The bin has been blasted, filled, and drained a few times now and currently sitting full with a full gallon of bleach added as well. I'm still clueless, but otherwise sure the issue was there!! Eyes don't water over some calcium precipitate!! Otherwise, with another vacation coming up and a house sitter with no aquarium experience I'm putting on the brakes Skimmer is working hard with the TBS rock die off, phyto bloom, and the fish I "dumped" right in. I'm going to just leave it alone until after vacation. Should be settled enough the skimmer can even make it the week without showing the kid how to empty it. Tank is back to almost crystal clear otherwise though. It should be in great shape after another month or so of little stress!! I will be at Mike's sometime tomorrow though to drop off a bunch of styrofoam boxes and cold packs, so hope to run into someone other than just Mike, Trent, and Angel!! I can see them anytime!!! LOL Thanks a bunch though!! Not just for ideas and input here, but those who have stopped by. Any group like this is also great just to run thoughts by them, make you look deeper!!
  7. At a loss - QT

    LOL, true, they can handle a lot of abuse!! I was thinking more along the lines of contamination "somewhere" and "poison is poison" and even a damsel should have issues. Between narrowing it down to between the mixing station somehow contaminated and Trent's reminder on the air fresheners I think I'm just going to take care of both though, and move forward. If the issue repeats then I'll simply be more perplexed.
  8. At a loss - QT

    Grrrrr!!! Trent, you may have just nailed it!!! They aren't the atomizer type, but the heated type, but both rooms I tried QT has one and they are small rooms. Even if not the kind that sprays, it's still a possibility and will be removed. With the African Grey we have that is sensitive to so many things we are pretty careful, but these are rooms off to the side and another possibility that would be different compared to the display tank.
  9. At a loss - QT

    Just an update. Spoke with Mike for a bit and with talking through everything that happened, where tanks were, etc. the mixing station must have been contaminated with something. Or, at least it points in that direction. So, going to just drain it, sterilize, dry, and start over along with a bungee cord so nobody can accidentally put anything in it. I'll get a damsel this weekend as a canary and if fine someone can get a free damsel when I'm sure it's ok, because it will never end up in my DT Still looking for anything anyone can think of I may be missing though. I'm also real happy I've been dragging my feet getting the auto water change running or this would have hit my DT as well.
  10. Just looking for any ideas. I got a small watchman goby and a fire fish at Mike's. The watchman died by that evening, and the fire fish the next day. The QT was in the laundry room, on a counter that would usually be for folding. I got worried that the smell of fabric softener, etc. was just enough for the air stone to have concentrated it in the tank. I then used part of a gift certificate all the kids contributed to for my birthday and made an order from Blue Zoo. Another watchman, fire fish, 5 royal grammas, and a free lawnmower blenny. Shipping didn't go that well and all looked bad, one gramma barely breathing. Felt like it got hot even with the cold pack in it. Anyway, once in QT two of the grammas came around but all others got worse, quickly. The lawnmower, that looked best in the bag was gone quickly, along with the gramma I already figured would be lost. When the others started looking bad again though I broke my rule of never skipping QT and got them all to the display. Viola, those left quickly recovered, active, swimming, and eating EVEN with having been practically just dumped in with only minimal acclimation at that point (Looked like move them or lose them). They simply perked right up. Snails, crabs, and shrimp that have gone directly to the DT have also had no issues. QT in both cases had salinity already set to exactly match the bags they came in, and both at 78 degrees. All I can think of is my mixing station has somehow been contaminated. I'm going to drain it, sterilize, and start over just in case. However, I have manually used some here and there but my auto water change not yet running. Would simply sitting too long possibly cause the issue? Maybe circulate it more often? Right now it only mixes an hour each morning, but easy enough to increase that. RO/DI right next to it has been in use for the ATO from day 1 and no apparent bad things from it. Since I'm back to 5 empty tanks I want to be ready for more from Mike this weekend if I see anything I want, but I'm fearful Maybe fumes in the laundry were the issue for one, and over-heating in shipping the other, and just a coincidence they did better once in the DT and would have been fine in that second QT with just a little more time.

    I used their new member buy one get one as well and was happy. Of course, my tank was still in the dark even after just circulating for over 2 months after a small Pukani die off cycle, so was perfect for the pods. I fed phyto every 3-4 days and got a phyto bloom once the lights were on, but that's already clearing up fast With so many pods running around in there already it may be a waste, but I'll likely make another small order at some point just to be sure the fuge is seeded, unless I can see them there already. LOL, Happy Hour Hero stopped by a few days ago and pods was the only thing I could show off!!! The glass is crawling with them!
  12. Free at your LFS

    So, I stopped by today for my free "Reef Hobbyist" and came home with a firefish, Yellow Watchman, and a pistol shrimp! See how that works ?!? Ok, I went in for fish and ended up with a magazine, but that story isn't as fun Love the new store!! Lots of space.
  13. FREE sponges and a ????

    They are, and should still be ok today, at least they said they pack them for a few days and has only been two. I'll send my number.
  14. I got a TBS order this morning. Seeding the tank some and a package for a small tank sounded better than just some rock. In TBS fashion he packed me up some extra goodies, but there are some I simply don't want. Theres a couple of large orange tree sponges and a red sponge. There is also a good size, ummm, I think some kind of gorgonian. Arrived at the airport late yesterday so would need to be picked up ASAP. I can also try to get some picks between aclimating critters, dumping sand and soon inspecting rock for any well loved mantis. I'll check here often to give my contact details. Also, I was going to list this in the marketplace, but since it's free and time sensitive hoped for more visibility but please move the thread if needed.
  15. Naso Death

    I don't know about yellow and purple tangs should always be last. Losing that naso had to suck, but if not so much smaller I'd think a naso would usually come after a yellow. We're planning a powder blue as our last. I also would have thought "Get it small, it will become a mean bastard", but obviously it has to be able to survive until it becomes the boss. Sorry again hearing of the loss of the naso though When I'm ready to figure out the what, when, size and order for my 4-5 tangs the lessons learned will help though!