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  1. So, I stopped by today for my free "Reef Hobbyist" and came home with a firefish, Yellow Watchman, and a pistol shrimp! See how that works ?!? Ok, I went in for fish and ended up with a magazine, but that story isn't as fun Love the new store!! Lots of space.
  2. They are, and should still be ok today, at least they said they pack them for a few days and has only been two. I'll send my number.
  3. I got a TBS order this morning. Seeding the tank some and a package for a small tank sounded better than just some rock. In TBS fashion he packed me up some extra goodies, but there are some I simply don't want. Theres a couple of large orange tree sponges and a red sponge. There is also a good size, ummm, I think some kind of gorgonian. Arrived at the airport late yesterday so would need to be picked up ASAP. I can also try to get some picks between aclimating critters, dumping sand and soon inspecting rock for any well loved mantis. I'll check here often to give my contact details. Also, I was going to list this in the marketplace, but since it's free and time sensitive hoped for more visibility but please move the thread if needed.
  4. I don't know about yellow and purple tangs should always be last. Losing that naso had to suck, but if not so much smaller I'd think a naso would usually come after a yellow. We're planning a powder blue as our last. I also would have thought "Get it small, it will become a mean bastard", but obviously it has to be able to survive until it becomes the boss. Sorry again hearing of the loss of the naso though When I'm ready to figure out the what, when, size and order for my 4-5 tangs the lessons learned will help though!
  5. Upload them to a photo hosting site like photobucket and then paste the link. A guide is:
  6. Awesome!! Now, stop moving before we need an annual reef club scavenger hunt called "Find Mike's Store". Pics look awesome. When will you be back to regular hours at the new site? I know my Dad will want to check out the freshwater, now that I told him an expert now has freshwater in the area!!
  7. Do you have pics and prices? My tank JUST hit where I'm looking for fish, and those you listed should be later, but never know...
  8. Well, I guess it's a good thing I ran into issues that delayed me. I'd have been driving to Pine Forest on Sunday, lol. Adding freshwater sounds good too though, I'll have to pick my Dad up for the first trip
  9. Thanks lobstergrabber. I'd have been calling regular welding places and never thought of places that fix boat props Anywhere, here's the result. It's not trimmed yet, and not going to until I decide 100% if I'm rebuilding it anyway and no point wasting more expensive oak. Looking for opinions though. In the pic the almost 2 inch lip left on each side is visible. If trimmed it would obviously be another 3/4" less of a lip. This one, or rebuilding, would still be trimmed to match the side benches above. One pic is top down. The lights were not yet added to the Apex and came on dark and very blue. Lights are on an RMS rail, which in turn rests on a rack I can push fore and aft, that rests on side rails. Top has lips and will be filled in with egg crate. Back is raised to go above the sea swirls but will drape some 1/8" netting across the back. Front picture is with door flipped open. It looks like the end is white for some reason, but it is oak. The edge of it is white, but would be covered by trim. So, opinions. Trim it and live with it, or move on and come back around to building this again later and have the trim actually hang down around the edges?
  10. Ok, now I feel ill I'm even one of those who double checks measurements and calculations to an extreme, and still messed it up. With a 7 ft tank I was worried about how to keep everything tight, but still allow for a little variance for it not being perfectly square. Canopy would have sat directly on the edge with only a 1/16 margin on each side. The trim would then match the little benches but hang down around the edges for a tight fit, prevent movement, and cover the waterline. Well In trying to account for the two pieces of ply at 23/32, then my margin of error, had a co-worker double check my math. Then we went back and forth on how big a margin and still have the trim look tight to the tank. SOMEWHERE in the back and forth I made a typo, calling the tank 80" instead of 84", and the conversation continued. When I made my cuts I simply referred to the last exchange Dang thing is now 4 inches short!!!! Due to the euro-bracing it still sets on the top well enough, and can also likely get the outside lights enough to the edge to be ok on lighting. Going to skip trimining it though. It's now a temp canopy to get some lights and when everything else is complete I'll go back and build a new one. Only hard part is I used the 90" RMS rail integrated into it and those are $120, so I hope I can find someone used to welding aluminum when I rebuild it, lol. My parents think it looks fine and if trim on would come within a short distance of each end, but I must have a tight fit and waterline covered, lol. Very irritating right when I just got motivated again!!!
  11. Yep. If you put your RO anywhere near your sink you can always add a pressurized tank and run a line in to an RO faucet. The tank would just hook up between the RO and DI, then with a check valve to prevent it emptying the tank through the DI instead of only the faucet. We don't use it for drinking, but I ran a faucet just to have a handy spot to rinse frozen food, test vials, or any other small need.
  12. LOL. I'm lucky my wife loves this stuff, but that would be pushing it
  13. LOL, it hasn't. I just posted on mine as well though. Got some pods added and FINALLY starting on the canopy! Will have light soon! Even with no light, and never seeding it with anything yet, already have some spots of red and purple coraline starting. I guess the pukani carried it in
  14. Besides all the awesome coral, you take some great pics! Glad to see things settled well after the moving experience!
  15. Wow. I ended up with a serious case of lazy Or, maybe I just needed a break, lol. In any event, my goal from long ago of having at least the first few fish introduced before the kids and grandson visit within a couple weeks from now isn't going to happen!!! I'm finally getting back to it though and working on the canopy now, and getting those lights up is really the only remaining hold up. I have a long list of other things, but nothing that would be a show stopper. I hope to have some pics of an almost done canopy soon!! In the meantime, it hit me that the tank already cycled from the pukani and has been sitting there just circulating for over three months now. So, I figured with no lights, and no predators it was a perfect time to get some pods going. I wish it had crossed my mind sooner. I used the new member buy one get one from Algae Barn so introduced over 11k pods, and also have enough phyto to feed them until I have other things in the tank. LOL, amazing how excited my wife was just looking in the pod bag with a flashlight. I'm close enough now though I think I may run by Mike's this weekend and get a thing or two to get the quarantine clock going Maybe a firefish, and a yellow prawn goby if he has both in right now, or just browse and see what jumps out into a bag heading home, lol.