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  1. Sold

  2. Sold

    value of card is $140 will sell for $90
  3. Sold

  4. Like new. Light is only a month old. $100 for the light and mount.
  5. Last price reduction IM peninsula tank, return pump and filter - $85
  6. Kessil is sold. IM peninsula tank, return pump and filter - $100
  7. Lowering price. Will sell both for $200. Tank, Kessil light with gooseneck, return pump, filter for aio compartment. All like new condition.
  8. Innovative Marine 14 Peninsula Aquarium.Very nice tank ready to go. Includes a like new Kessil A80 Reef Light with the Goosneck mount, return pump, and filter for the back compartment.No livestock or rock included. Tank and Kessil are in like new condition.$250 for all.
  9. Bryopsis Outbreak

    Aaron awesome find here. BRS option is much cheaper...
  10. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    I'm thinking the dos would be excellent for continuous slow water changes due to its accuracy. Something like a few gallons over a week long period on a continuing basis. I have a dos on the way and will be trying this myself on my nano sps tank. Because i have a small system I can get away with a 5 gallon waste and a 5 gallon saltwater tub side by side under the stand.
  11. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    Looking very nice. Are you planning to use the Apex DOS for your automated water changes?
  12. Anemones

    Here is a local anemone. Gulf side and onshore in 20 feet or less. Tentacles are sticky but I have never felt a sting when collecting. About the size of a silver dollar.