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  1. Still available. Nice deal for someone. Also have some reef sand I can include with the purchase.
  2. I can post pictures later today. But the tank, light and equipment are all in fine shape.
  3. Today is fine. PM me with your contact info. Thanks.
  4. On second thought I’ll take $175 for everything. or Rimless aio tank, stand, dual return pumps, electronic heater, media tray, marine test kit, hydrometer - $100 SB reefs Sbox 16” led - $90
  5. I have a JBJ Rimless 30 ready to fill. Includes: Tank, stand, dual return pumps, electronic heater, media trays, sb reefs sbox 16" basic two channel led light, hydrometer, master marine test kit. Everything needed to restart the tank today except livestock. $220 for all. Pm for contact info. I'm in Pensacola.
  6. Last price reduction IM peninsula tank, return pump and filter - $85
  7. Kessil is sold. IM peninsula tank, return pump and filter - $100
  8. Lowering price. Will sell both for $200. Tank, Kessil light with gooseneck, return pump, filter for aio compartment. All like new condition.
  9. Innovative Marine 14 Peninsula Aquarium.Very nice tank ready to go. Includes a like new Kessil A80 Reef Light with the Goosneck mount, return pump, and filter for the back compartment.No livestock or rock included. Tank and Kessil are in like new condition.$250 for all.
  10. Bryopsis Outbreak

    Aaron awesome find here. BRS option is much cheaper...
  11. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    I'm thinking the dos would be excellent for continuous slow water changes due to its accuracy. Something like a few gallons over a week long period on a continuing basis. I have a dos on the way and will be trying this myself on my nano sps tank. Because i have a small system I can get away with a 5 gallon waste and a 5 gallon saltwater tub side by side under the stand.
  12. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    Looking very nice. Are you planning to use the Apex DOS for your automated water changes?