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  1. Price is $500 This was my setup for the last year and has been very successful. Have grown everything in it from acros and other SPS to LPS, Zoas, anemones, and softies. Kept all types of fish also. -Tank is 55 gallons tall, with perfect seams and minimal scratching. Half inch thick glass with glass center brace. -SB Reef Lights Elite 16". This is the ramping version that allows you to set up your lighting intensity schedule throughout the day for growing coral. -Glass-Holes 1500 gallon per day overflow. -Sicce 1.5 pump. -20 gallon tall custom DIY sump. -SCAquariums 301 Skimmer. -Aquahub Auto-top off. -(2) 150 watt Jager Eheim heaters. -Icecap 3K Gyre Powerhead and Controller. I also have an extra Controller as they sent me a replacement but the old one started working again on it's own. -Also have a bunch of test kits. Literally everything you need to start keeping fish and coral. Just add rock and saltwater.
  2. Looking into building my own sump with acrylic. Want something big enough that I can utilize the Triton method and also have a separate chamber to grow out frags. Looking online acrylic costs more to ship for a full sheet (48"x96"x.5" thick). Any ideas on where I can buy acrylic this in these dimensions locally (Pensacola - Panama City)?
  3. ISO: Needing a 40 Breeder

    Wife just had to have me move the tank and I lost every peice of coral I had, minus a few softies and zoas. Versus starting over, I want to put together a frag system to hold me over while I peice together the upgrade that was going to happen anyway. I just need a 40 gallon breeder to keep me going. PM me what you got. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Need to borrow a soldering iron to fix 2 wires

    If you're near Crestview I have one. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Questions about montipora...

    Thanks guys.
  6. Questions about montipora...

    I picked up two pieces of montipora that I don't know if they are the plating or encrusting variety. I got a frag of Cornbred's Flaming Phoenix and a frag of Jedi Mind Tricks. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    Tank looks great dude. Was dope to see it in person. The new that I got from you is doing great. Moving around the sump and has picked it's spot already. Can't wait until it grows out so I can move it into the main display.
  8. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    It's been awhile since I've done an update on the tank so here goes.. Battled heavily with green hair algae for a couple weeks. Hired a clean up crew to no avail then started attacking it manually by hand, along with the normal weekly water changes. Would get as much as I could out on Mondays and have it right back by Wednesday. Figured it was the reused rock from my nano tank leaching PO4 despite the acid bath. Testing gave me a reading of 0 so hair algae must have been consuming it. Got a small reactor for GFO and carbon and that wiped out the hair algae. About a week later started to notice cyano on a lot of the rocks and sand bed. Thought I was increasing my flow but turned out the bushing turning the propellor on my Icecap Gyre had stripped and was getting caught so I was getting a lot less flow than I thought. Finally got that issue resolved. Permanently moved my clownfish to the sump. She's a pain in the butt and nips the crap out of me every time I put my hand in the tank so she can spend her days there until I decide what to do with her. Will probably give her away once my daughter forgets about her. Everything else has been running perfectly. Tank is stable. Corals are growing and the fiancee is happy. FTS: Moved the rock work around because I can't leave well enough alone. I liked it more the way that I had it now that I look back on older pix but everything beside two frags of zoas like where they are, so I'm not moving anything again until I have to. Three little frags of zoas that we picked up from SB Reefs. Acclimated them to that spot for almost a month and they did fine, take them off the frag plugs and the pinks started stretching for light. Will probably move them at some point. The blue eyed ones have a different color zoa underneath that I really can't get a good picture of. They're green with an orangish center and a brown skirt. Best picture I could get of mystery bonus zoas. Little duncan. The misses fell in love with these guys, with some help from Trent. I was opposed at first but now I really like them. They have pretty cool personalities and will eat from/on my hand. Walking around Petland the other day killing time and happened to come across this guy that they had labeled as a ricordea... Pretty sure it's a yuma so I jumped on it for $25 bucks. Once I got it home I noticed it had a little dime sized baby also of the frag plug. SCORE! 2 yummas for $25. This is what it looked like under 100% blues using an orange gel filter when I got it home. Doesn't do it justice at all. It actually has some pretty intense pinkish orangish bulbs with a little bit of green and a brownish purplish base and a green mouth. Stuck it in a low flow low/ low light area to let it acclimate because I read intense lighting is the number 1 killer of yumas. Pictured under 35% whites 72%blues. Here you can see the details a lot better but still not as good as in person. It started moving almost the very next morning. Absolutely my favorite coral in the tank thus far. Some top down shots including an acan that we also got from SB Reefs. Wasn't doing so hot when we got but it's on the mend and likes it's little spot right now.
  9. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    I have yet to see any sign of a cycle on this tank. I dropped a raw shrimp in there the day that I finished setting it up (2/28/17) now all that remains is a shell. I have also had a clownfish in there that I had to put somewhere after his tank cracked while moving. I used 58 lbs of live rock from Matt's Corral Connection (about 30 ls was his rock that had been in cultured for a year) along with about 16 lbs of cured dry rock that was acid dipped in muriatic acid. Also 60 lbs of bagged live sand and a handful of cycled sand from Matt's. I have tested diligently everyday at around the same time for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates and they have all tested around 0 using a Red Sea Test Kit. Red Sea tests 0-0.2 on it's lowest detectable level. 2 days test kit for ammonia looked they may have been around .1 but not quite .2. Is it possible this tank just isn't gonna cycle or is already cyled?
  10. So tonight I was looking over my recently setup tank. Noticed that I have what looks to be a dark purple aiptasia in a hole in a peice of my live rock. I swear I picked over this new batch of rock with a fine toothed comb before I set it in the tank. I guess this got past me somehow. The peice of rock that it's attached to is glued into a major part of my scape so I can't pull it out. Everytime it pokes out just a little bit I try to grab it with tweezers only to have it shrink back into it's hole. Can I super glue that hole shut the next time it retreats? Will that kill it off? Will I have to worry about it reproducing if I handle it that way?
  11. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    It's done. All setup and cycling. I know it's horrible practice to cycle a tank with a fish but the tank that was housing the clown cracked in the move.
  12. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    Getting somewhere. Slowly but surely.
  13. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    I sent them an email. Said they are press fit on. Sent me a diagram and find me to just pop them back in there.
  14. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    Just got my sBox Elite in from sbReef Lights... A lot of the lenses have detached from the leds. Not what I expected at all.
  15. New 40G Coming Up **55G**

    Got 'er drilled! Couple more coats of stain, plumbing and sump and this baby will be ready to get wet!