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  1. Warehouse Cleanup

    Hey tried to message you on Craigslist. How long is the led light and how much?
  2. Nano Algae Scrubber

    I have the same type of grow light. Works nicely on my chaeto
  3. Alkalinity Consumption

    What is your ph? Alk can also precipitate out of the water if something is off. Usually a sharp change in ph or really high calcium can cause this. Do you dose vinegar? Also check whether your type of calcium is bonding with your 2 part alk
  4. Things To Not Say To Your Wife.

    I told my wife today that I joined a reefer forum. She now thinks that when I go to the fish store , I'm running away to smoke some weed.
  5. Coral Nutrition

    I use colbalt aquatic coral food. Zoas seem to like it. Do baby brine shrimp once a while as well
  6. Nsw

    I don't use it . I worry too much about the bad stuff that comes with it. We recently had a red tide. I would love to save the money, but I like to have full control of my tank.
  7. Calcium Opinions

    I dose calcium and my bottle of the seachem liquid calcium is almost out. Any opinions on the best for the money calcium. I'm trying to avoid raising my alk as well. It's @ 10.4
  8. 29 Gallon Cube

    just some of my fish. my clown and six line are camera shy.
  9. 29 Gallon Cube

    I have the same problem. Trying to get rid of the last of my hair algae from the great vacation food disaster of 2016. All the hair is yellow . Was hoping cheato would soak up some of the nutrients my skimmer was missing. I just need a good home for the copepods to live
  10. 29 Gallon Cube

    got a new light for the sump. went from an 5watt grow light to a 20 watt cob led light. also dosing tiny amounts of iron to help cheato grow. added some pods to keep the mandarin happy.
  11. Fish Love Memorial Day!

    stratton my lawnmower benny is ready for the 3 day weekend.
  12. I'm Out But Not Completely Out

    The blue water zoo has lots of freshwater plants. They might be able to help.
  13. I'm Out But Not Completely Out

    Is the store going to be open. I was going to swing by tommorow after cutting my weeds.
  14. Nano Build For My Son

    I was planning on using the marine pure brick in my sump. Have you used it before?
  15. Nano Build For My Son

    Sounds like a decent set up. Just need to decide the rock scape. I have most of my tank covered to minimize water loss. My skimmer keeps the water well aerated. Changes happen quick in small set ups .