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  1. I have a used Innovative Marine Minimax Media Reactor Desktop/Nano size that I don't need anymore. It does have a 2" or so crack in the body that was repaired with acrylic cement and hasn't impacted the effectiveness of the unit at all. Pump works great too. $30 85O-398-7O78
  2. SB Reef Lights Pro 16" w/ Timer

    Gently used SB Reef Lights Pro 16" with timer in good condition. Comes with all the hardware and the remote. Works perfectly but probably needs a little cleaning off. Side mounting plates need re-powder coating where it was in contact with saltwater but if you plan on hanging the fixture this is a non-issue. $125 85O-398-7O78
  3. Catching 3 Yellow Tail Damsels

    +1 on the bottle trap, just used one of those cheap zephyrhills water bottles to catch a neon dottyback in order to rehome it. You may have better luck with a 1 Liter bottle with their favortite food inside since you have a much bigger tank than I do (20 gallon).
  4. Adding Folks to the Forum

    Awesome! I agree with @drauka, the dude knows his stuff!
  5. Adding Folks to the Forum

    "humblefish" is the name he is trying to register under.
  6. Hey folks, I saw someone asking about getting added to the forum and that he was having trouble getting validated or something. Can anyone offer some clarification as to what the problem may be? @lobstergrabber, his name on R2R is "Humblefish" but I don't know if that's the same name they are trying to use to register for this site.
  7. Lots of Green Nephthea Frags

    Traded all of them to SB Reefs for store credit.
  8. Wtb/Wtt for Utter Chaos and Candy Apple Reds

    How much for a single polyp of utter chaos, Mike won't cut his at SB!
  9. Lots of Green Nephthea Frags

    Just letting everyone know that they are still available!
  10. Lots of Green Nephthea Frags

    Hey everyone, I have 11 (I think) green nephthea leather frags ready to go. They are all 2-3" in size and starting to grow onto their bases really well. Some are on plugs and others are on rubble rock. I'll do $20 a piece or $50 for three. I'm located near UWF and my number is 85O-398_7O78 If you want to make an offer on all 11 of them, go for it. They're taking up a lot of real-estate in my IM Nuvo 20 haha - Nathan
  11. Gem Tangs for sale $850

    Still want one, still can't afford it [emoji23] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  12. 100 Gallon Aquarium with a Bunch of Extras: $500

    Lowering price to $300, it's taking up too much space in my apartment!
  13. 100 Gallon Aquarium with a Bunch of Extras: $500

    More pictures:
  14. I have a 100 gallon, saltwater ready glass aquarium with a corner overflow. The dimensions are 48x18x29 (lwh). Included with the aquarium is a wood stand and hood, glass lid, 15ish gallon sump, return pump, cleaning magnet, return and drain tubing, siphon, 30ish lbs of sand, and 40 lbs of mixed rocks. I completely redid the piping in the overflow so there's fresh pvc and fittings but everything is currently dry fitted so the next owner can make adjustments if they want to. Everything is cleaned and ready to go! The previous owners let the tank sit with water in it for about 3 months before I picked it up Saturday so it definitely holds water. I'm located in Pensacola near UWF