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  1. Corals for Sale

    Thanks to Jeff for coming by and nearly cleaning me out! List has been updated above, anything not crossed out is still available.
  2. Corals for Sale

    I'll be moving around the end of the month and I have a few loose corals that I need to get out of the tank before then. Here's a list of what I have and how much they are: Green and Purple Montipora spongodes, color is off right now but it was white when I got it three months ago. 1 chunky frag for $10 Mohawk Zoas, frag plug with 10 or so polyps $20 Sunny D Zoas, frag plug with 10 or so polyps $30 Fire and Ice Zoas from St. Lucie Aquatics, At least 5 polyps on frag plug, $15 Joker Zoas, two polyps on frag plug, $10 Made to order frags of Gobstopper zoas, $5 per polyp Sunny D Frag, frag plug with 4 polyps $15 Gobstopper zoa colony rock with 4 Joker zoa polyps mixed in, 2-3 inches wide by 2-3 inches tall, probably 30 gobstopper polyps, $60 "Accidental" Ultra Blastomussa Wellsi (Red and Green) Frag, three small polyps, piece broke off when I moved the mother colony, great color and have been growing quickly, $20 If you're interested or would like pics, I can be reached at 85O 3Nine8 7o78 Feel free to bundle and make an offer on multiple pieces. Located in Pensacola up near UWF - Nathan
  3. Kessil users

    That's a solid trade, the AI Hydra 52 HD is much more suitable for SPS corals. You probably could have gotten away with stuff like birdsnest with the AP160 but it would be stretch if you had a significant amount of space/water between the corals and light.
  4. DIY help

    Acrylic can be tricky but there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube, I would go there and watch like 20 different videos on acrylic panel bonding before I would even start the project.
  5. Equipment for sale

    Any pics of the JBJ 45? What's wrong with the stand?
  6. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    That's great! I'm glad they're doing well!
  7. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    Pending sale on some Gobstoppers and Sunny D's today, still plenty of gobstoppers left but only a few polyps of sunny D left.
  8. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    No more jokers available. Still plenty of Gobstoppers and Sunny D's
  9. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    No problem!
  10. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    Plenty of Sunny D's and Gobstoppers left.
  11. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    No more bam bams pending sale today.
  12. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    Hey folks, I have a few varieties of zoas that I will be fragging soon and looking to sell or trade. Here's what I have (price per polyp): Sunny D ($10) Gobstoppers ($10) Bam Bams ($5) Jokers ($10) If you're interested in trading, I'm currently looking for Utter Chaos, Darth Maul, Rastas, or any sort of Hornets but if you have a particular morph you want to trade with, let me know I'd also be interested in a frag of any neat Montipora digitata or something similar. Text me at 85O-398-7O78 if you're interested, I can send pics through text as well. Pensacola (Ferry Pass) area.
  13. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    DM sent
  14. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    You still have the JF Flame and JF Blue Dreams?
  15. Green pearl bubble frag fs or trade

    Can you post a pic?