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  1. Meeting Febuary 2017

    We WILL be there. Work schedule won't allow for us to go to the parade on Sunday. (Would have to be there at 7am for parking. And I don't even get home from work till 4am. Not gonna happen. LoL) So get your raffle tickets ready!! I'm coming for that tank!! LoL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Panda Nano

    Here's some photos of the corals that I won. Red People Eater Mushroom rock
  3. Been super crazy busy with work the past few weeks. But here's the 5gal nano! Finally up!!
  4. I'm 2 days behind... Work and sleep... But here's more of the stand build! Yes. I put him to work! And the pups helped too!!
  5. Here's our clingfish. This little guy has gone through hell!! We got him a few months ago. Didn't see him for while. Then a couple of days later we found him in the filter sock!! He's still kickin!! I get so excited when I actually do get to see him! (He also made it through the horrible copper exposure issue)
  6. Awwww!!! They are so cute!! LoL! How long have you had them?? Stand is built! Time to sand it and stain it!
  7. Building a stand for my 5 gal nano. But it will have a 40 on it at some point. So might as well make it big enough for future upgrades!
  8. Playing with ideas for the rock in my nano. Ugh... I want to do it so many different ways!! But which do I go with?? Haha!! I can't believe you actually moved it like this!! But hey! Whatever gets the job done. Right?? Thanks for the dry rock today!! I appreciate it!!
  9. Woohoo!! Got a heater that fits my tank now!! Thanks DakotaSport!! He's the best!! [emoji178]
  10. I definitely will! I think I want to do mushrooms and zoas.
  11. I'm going to have to remember that one!! Those are so pretty!!! Want some of these!! They really do look like an everlasting gobstopper too.
  12. It's a zoapocalypse!!! Sooooo many Zoas!!!!
  13. Love this little guy!! He was so tiny when we got him. He's been eating really good the past few months. Was worried that we were going to lose him after the incident with the heater breaking. But he's a trooper!!
  14. I tried to get this comment on here before midnight... (Sucks when you have to be an adult and work...) But... Love the clowns!! Super cute!! Sorry that you lost both of them. Sucks. Wanting to get some more clowns for our 125. But I think 4 is enough. I just get a little over excited about them sometimes.