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  1. Frags fs

    Do you still have the LPS and Zoas for sale if so interested
  2. Looking to see if i can purchase some LPS, Softie, pulsating Xenia frags. Have my 35 gallon nano cycled and ready to rock. Also if anyone has rock they are trying to selling any please let me know! Thank you Brian
  3. Hello Everyone. I am selling my 125 long saltwater tank with everything included it includes three SB reeflights, tons of coral, rock, new protein skimmer, dosing pump, sump,Rodi unit, carbon, and tons and tons of extra that I cannot even list. All coral and rock is in great shape. And there is a lot of it. The tank is being currently maintained by sb reef. I am moving and need it gone. Asking 600 but make a offer need it gone to move out. Text me at(305) 484-7072 and I will post pictures. I am unable to upload for some reason. Thank you.
  4. (Price drop big)Selling me 125 long setup.

    Moving and need this gone. Willing to go down in price make me a offer!
  5. Hello everyone I am Selling my 125 long saltwater tank with 3 sb reef lights, sump, protein skimmer, dosing pump, stand, canopy, all rock and coral. Everything in picture included. Not parting out! You must break down and move yourself. Tank is currently being maintained by an reefs. This is a great deal for the whole setup! I am unable to upload picturees. I have it posted on face book market place and if you’re interested text me and I can send photos. Was asking 1,000 now Asking $6000 obo need gone! Brian 305-484-7072
  6. Sea urchins

    Hello if anyone has any sea urchins they want to sell please let me know. I am having a bad alge bloom and wanting them to help keep it trimmed. I’m looking for 4. If anyone has any I am interested. Thankyou!
  7. Tank service needed.

    Hello everyone I am in need of getting my tank serviced. I have all the saltwater here. It. Needs to pulled of hair algae hasn’t been serviced in 2 months. Use to have a guy service or monthly but he disappeared. It’s a 125 long and a 20 gallon sump. Really need a heavy heavy cleaning. Rocks scraped walls and glass etc. If anyone is interested please let me know. I use to pay the guy 50 a service and I supplies all of the salt water. Normally took him about 30 minutes. Thanks
  8. WTB rock. Live or dead.

    Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Looking to purchase some base rock. I am looking to redo my reefscape and want to build up my wall. If anyone has some extra they want to sell please let me know. Not trying to pay store prices if I can.
  9. Compact Lights for sale

    http://IMG_2074.JPG http://IMG_2073.JPG
  10. Compact Lights for sale

    I am selling these two compact lights. They were off old tanks of mine. The big one went on my 110 long 6ft, and the small one went on a 20 long. Used it for a grab tank. Both lights work fine. Just need to be wiped off and cleaned up. The bulbs in both lights are still good. Make a offer on it. Just looking for some cash to buy some more supplies for the hobby. Give me a text if interested. 305-484-7072 located in pensacola near Walmart on 9th ave.
  11. Idaho grape - $10

    IS it still available? If so please shoot me at text 305-484-7072
  12. Hello everyone. Been a while since I logged on the website is looking good! I have been taking the sand out of my 125 and redoing the aquascape with the help of Ryan from Petland. He has been jam up helping me convert to a glass bottom tank. Was thinking about using green star pollups but don't want to take over the entire tank and I know it will. I can't seem to decide what coral I should put to incrust the bottom of my tank. Doesn't matter if it's sps or lps. I have a Mix tank as it is and everything is stable. Was wondering what corals you guys would recommend or what you guys have put on yours and how they turned out. Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody knew a good company or individual who is willing or does water changes and tank maitnance. Due to my new work schedule I have been traveling and haven't had as much time as a used to. I do not want to get out of the hobby just because I love my Tank so much. I have a established 125 gallon mostly coral aquarium. I am looking for somebody to come to my house about once a month clean the glass filter the sand and do about a 40 to 50 gallon water change as I generally do monthly. I have a RODI unit here and can make all of my own salt water for you. As long as you know what you're doing it's OK to me. If you know anyone who does this please leave your number below. Thanks in advance Brian
  14. SB Reefs Open House - Free Frags!!!

    Thanks mike was a nice meet. Really appreciate the frag. Can't wait for the large frag system to be set up. Beautiful shop!