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  1. Zoa for sale

    zoa sold locally. mod please close thread.thanks
  2. Salt Mixes

    Reef Crystal Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  3. Zoa for sale

    Free shipping over $350 Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  4. Zoa for sale

    Spring Hill Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  5. Zoa for sale

    I have the following for sale shipping available Will send pics via phone just PM your number. Vivid Rainbow 20 polyps $165 Milky Way Palys 12 polyps $100 2 x BBEB 9 polyps $60 CC Posedians 13 polyps 13 polyps $85 Rasta 15 polyps $70 Pink Zipper 2 polyps $20 Pink Zipper 5 polyps $30 Orange Mandarins 10 polyps $65 Red Hornets 20 polyps $55 Everlasting Gobstoppers 4 polyps $35 My Clementines 10 polyps - $40 Blue Lagoons 13 polyps $95 BBEB 20 polyps $125
  6. Look8ng for corals

    PM sent
  7. Kessil AP700

    Sold mod please clise thread. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  8. Kessil AP700

    Took down my frag tank, therefore selling 1 Kessil AP700 purchase last year in excellent like New Condition, no scratches. Still have box and papers. $550 plus shipping. Plus PP fees. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  9. Australian Duncanopsammia frags and colony over 500 heads

    Spring Hill Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. Australian Duncanopsammia frags and colony low price $5 per heads! These are purple long whiskers...need to make room Pick up or will ship overnight 39.99 FedEx Priorty Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  11. Didn't Plan right! My project is getting to be too expensive! Therefore will be selling all of my equipment. All equipment are Brand-New and never taken out of the box. All items were purchase less than 2 weeks ago. Price is firm and cash only (PayPal) Will not hold. 4x Ecotech Radion Gen4 XR30w Pro LED $699.00 each shipped. 4x Ecotech MP40wQuiet Drive $290.00 Esch shipped. 1 SSA VS6 DC Protein Skimmer rated up to 450 Gallons $290 shipped.
  12. We're moving...Your Win..our Lost!Selling a complete Setup already establish High-End SC Aquarium Starfire Rimless PNP System.This is a turn-key setup and currently running. NOTE: Everything was purchase brand-new. The tank was purchase brand new in a factory sealed box delivered to my home back in September 2016 less than a year, from SC Aquariums online click herescaquariums.com at $1499.99 INCLUDED66G STARFIRE CUBE TANK (only front 3 pieces) Size: 32"W x 24"L x 20"H RIMLESS w/ high volume center overflow.Thickness: 10mm Accessories included: filter media, bio-balls (NOT USED)One pair of return loc linesSUMP3 chamber glass sump (28"W x 17"L x 13-3/4"H)SCA-302 180 Gallon skimmer with PH2000 needle wheel pump. PH2500 utility return pump Cherry cabinet with dual opening doors. Additional Accessories I purchase else where:2 x Jebao RW-4 Powerhead Pumps $50.00 each1 x Deep Blue 300 watt Heater up to 90G $35.001 x Neptune AquaController Apex Jr (Display, Temp Probe, 4-Controlled Output) $240.002 x Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor 150 $53.00 each1 x Maxi-Jet 1200 pump $30.001 x Auqa Gadget MagnaFuge LED Light - Innovative Marine $50.001 x Smart ATO $149.001 x MarsAqua 165W LED Aquarium Light Dimmable Full Spectrum $100.00LIVESTOCK1 x Red Sea Sohal Tang Medium $259.991 x Yellow Tang - Hawaii Medium $40.001 x Blue Hippo Tang - Small $50.001 x Banggai Cardinal - Medium $17.001 x Flame Angel - Small/Medium $50.001 x Watanabei Angelfish (Female) Small 1 1/4" to 2-1/2" $80.001 x Purple Firefish $35.00INVERTS1 x Scarlet Shrimp (Cleaner) Medium $25.00 There are (10) Bubble Tip Anemones3 x Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones $75.00 each5 x Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $50.00 each1 x Green Bubble Tip Anemone $301 x Yellow Bubble Tip Anemone $3010-15 Hermit crabs5- 6 Nassarius snails5-6 Margarita snailsCORALS1 x Red Montipora Cap Large1 x Chili Pepper Montipora1 x Aussie Purple Duncan 25+ heads colony1 x Aussie Orange Wall Hammer - Large2 x Biocolor Hammer 1 x Peach Hammer1 x Aussie Orange Frogspawn1 x Green Frogspawn2 x SYMPHYLIA Closed Brain1 x Cynarina Button Coral 1 x 2+ BlastoMultiples High-END Zoanthids & Palys... Rastas, Darth Mauls, Blue Eye Blondies, Rainbow Hornets, Utter Chaos, WOW and more!The tank is packed with corals..well over $1000 in livestock!Liverock covered purple Coraline algaeCaribSea Ocean Caribbean Live Sand 40lbsThis setup purchase individually will cost you over $4K so my asking price of $1500 Cash is firm. NO trades, NO Parting..NO NO NO..$$$CASH FIRM. NO time for games. I want to sell all gone the same day.If interested and serious send me your number to talk, I don't do text period. I'm a retired disable US Marine and I prefer to talk to a live person. I have a child at home so please DON'T call after 9PM. If you text me I will not reply. Everything I've purchase brand-new, not second hand. It's in immaculate condition the entire setup looks new, and NO Scratches!Livestock is all healthy, you will not see not 1 apatasia in my tank. I water change almost every week 10%Thank you for looking!
  13. Fish for sale

    interested the following Gold Midas Blenny Tailspot Blenny Orange frogspawn Where are you located?
  14. Fish for sale

  15. Gem Tangs for sale $850

    For those you wanted a gem tang but couldn't afford one..now at $850 at www.thereefaquatics.com Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk