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  1. Barely Legal Size.

  2. Sb Reefs Store Opening Soon! On Pine Forest.

    where are you located and when will you be open Grand Opening?
  3. Water World's Last Day

    Are you going?
  4. Livestock For Sale

    Sorry texted you
  5. Livestock For Sale

    pmd you
  6. Rotifers And Phyto Needed

    black banded this is there second batch cant seem to find any rotifers and new hatched brine is too big
  7. Hi Friends i have gobies breeding and would like to try to raise some but I need a starter culture of rotifers and phyto anybody out there have some to sell or give away to a lady reefer You can text me also at 863-665-2616 Thanks Chris
  8. Just my two cents but your bangaii is probably a male and the new one you added was a male also -2 males one will kill the other -2 females tolorate each other wont kill one another -1male 1 female do ok at first but the male is not as aggressive at chasing her If you feed the bangaii real well-fat belly look near the vent area males have 2 vents females have 1 and yes the male does have a square jaw but young ones can be tough Just FYI- Great job on the tank by the way looks sharp Chris
  9. Should I Buy This Tank?

    Id offer them less and yes you can do euro bracing. I can show you how to remove top trim I can come help you and show you how to reseal- id figure on half of the day you will need at least -this does not include the glass for euro bracing 1-caulking tube of silicone 100% not the one with mildew additive 1-bottle fingernail polish remover-to clean glass before resealing 1-box razor blades (single edge) and a blade scraper 1 roll 1" blue paint tape so take this in consideration when figuring how much you want to spend on this tank If they had rock i it i would definitely check the front glass cause if it is really scratched these are real hard to make go away if you can feel them with your fingernail they cannot be removed just FYI You could turn this into a club thing and let other people who want to help or learn too
  10. Should I Buy This Tank?

    Also if the tank leaks, i have done many, removing and resealing tanks, i can show you its not hard just time consuming
  11. Should I Buy This Tank?

    It has a few minor issues, the teeth on the overflow are broken and missing, it looks like the trim around the top is cracked- both can be repaired but i would make them a low ball offer. Do you know if it leaks or if they have tried to leak test it ? You need to check for scratches o the front glass That would be the only deal breaker for me. Chris
  12. Clown Spawning

    they should continue to spawn the best thing to do is count the days from the time you see them lay and how many days does it take them to hatch so if you do decide to hatch any you want to pull them or at least know when they will be due to hatch Hatch dates vary with water perameters and temperature. If you decide to raise any you will need rotifers and phytoplankton on hand. Anyway Good Luck and enjoy watching them. Chris-shrimpgal
  13. Clown Spawning

    Congrats Are you gonna try to raise any?
  14. Anyone who wants to go collecting Im in . I have dip net and a push net> I love to collect and i have my fishing lisence.So if you want to go just PM me anytime Im available almost anytime. I havent gone since i moved here a month ago. So LETS GO COLLECTING Chris
  15. Welcome To Fprs Forum: Shrimpgal

    Thanks for letting me join Just moved from near Tampa to Holt Currently have dwarf seahorses and some other salt fish,clown,,sponge crab,blennies,etc. Had to sell all my corals didnt think they would make the move. Setting up my 55 and 2- 40 highs Will be looking for a mate for my clown as hers didnt make the trip. As soon as everything is cycled ill be looking for mushrooms,etc. I hatch baby brine daily for my dwarf seahorses. I also brought my snorkeling and collecting stuff with me and I love to go collecting I did a lot of grass flats with my 4 ft pushnet in Tampa and collected lots of stuff Ill need info on where to go here to collect and also where are all the fish stores Also have freshwater rams and guppies Chris- shrimpgal