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  1. Local Birdsnest Frags Available

    I have several nice green birdsnest frags available. I would prefer to sell locally, if possible. See pictures at:
  2. Ricordea Mushrooms Must Go

    I don't have any right now, but I will have some in the near future, I'm sure. I've also got four green acropora frags I've been trying to get rid of along with three green (one very nice) birdsnest frags as well.
  3. Ricordea Mushrooms Must Go

    Still have some of these available, in case anyone is interested.
  4. Ricordea Mushrooms Must Go

    Tons of orange and purple Ricordea mushrooms available. All have chartreuse green mouths and are unattached. Small mushrooms (<1.5" diameter) $5/ea. Large mushrooms (>1.5" diameter) $10/ea. I'm in the Pensacola area. If I can't sell these, they're going in the sump or the trash. I have too many in my tank, and when they get in the wrong spots they sting nearby corals. I probably have 15 or more of these available.
  5. Ricordeas available

    Ricordeas are still available.
  6. Looking for chaeto

    Agreed! Let me know if you want me to bring some over this weekend.
  7. Ricordeas available

    Here is what they look like:
  8. Bow front aquariums FS

    Tanks only or any stands available?
  9. Ricordeas available

    Gulf Breeze out near the zoo.
  10. Ricordeas available

    Idk. Something reasonable. Say $10 ea for the big ones and all three little ones for $15?
  11. Ricordeas available

    Several orange and purple Ricordea available. I have two large specimens, each about 3-4" across when fully inflated, and three smaller ones an inch and under. Come get them so I don't have to kill them! I have plenty in my tank and these loose ones can really wreak havoc. Here's what they looked like when they were smaller.
  12. Looking for chaeto

    Why don't you just come by and get some I also have Caulerpa prolifera available.
  13. Gorgeous Flame Angel for Sale or Trade

    Beautiful, fat, healthy flame angel for sale or trade. The fist is 3-3.5" long and has been living in my sump for the last three weeks. It is NOT safe with acanthastrea or trachyphyllia and may pick at other LPS. Seems to leave SPS and softies alone. Asking $70, but would be willing to trade for other reef safe fish or high quality frags.