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    Im a stone mason by trade so sculpting limestone and granite is a daily pastime. Also im hooked on my 72 bowfront mixed reef.
  1. Need gone by next saturday. Has stand with canopy, 2 arctic led w remote, coralife skimmer 20 gal sump, 2 jebao powerheads, new doser in the box w reservoirs. All Red sea test kits chemicals and salt. Will post pics shortly . Tank is located in gulf breeze. Call if you have any questions. Thx Charlie 850 341 0644
  2. Had this one for 3-4 yrs and now his belly's getting huge. Is it possible he's eating everything in sight or pregnant? Sent from my Alcatel_6055U using Tapatalk
  3. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

    No I couldnt figure out the entire program, im not that smart. I just use it as a booster for the coral.
  4. Thoughts On Chaeto

    Just an update on the gha problem. Im about a month or so since I ditched the chaeto and went to the reactor using rowaphos. Im pleased with the results and see another few weeks and it will be completely clear. Along with my crystal clear sump and no more clogging of pumps etc. I consider this a win. I feel I can get back to the business of growing out coral again. Luckily I havent lost anything in the process so thx to all for the replies. Cj
  5. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

    I use the reef energy also and think it works well. Can be used in a doser even though it says to refrigerate after opening. Watch out for clogging of doser lines. Im at 8ml each daily and it does well for my mixed reef. Good luck!
  6. Thoughts On Chaeto

    Thanks fellas. Ill read up on the algae scrubbers and berlin sump. I did have a huge pod population but they all had to go. Maybe I still have em in the dt. Ive been following alot of sump builds lately, it may be a sign.
  7. I did a full sump/dt cleanout today and decided to pull all the cheato from my sump. I need one that has an extra chamber for the refugium. Ive been having problems with it getting all up in my skimmer, reactor and return pumps. Also it hasnt seemed to hasnt solved my phosphate issues. Ive been stuck at .04ppm for months. Ive just added the reactor 2 weeks ago using phosguard I had leftover. Today after I cleaned everything out and did a 30% wc I started using rowaphos so ill check levels in a week to see if the switch will make a difference. My thought is that if my pumps are running at full speed and not clogged with chaeto and having the media reactor going that it should at least stay at current po4 levels. Im looking at a larger sump with the built in refugium but damn im tired spending then having to spend again. Any ideas for a seperate refugium that would keep the chaeto out of the other areas or do I even need it with the reactor. What do you guys do for phosphate control? Sorry such a long post [emoji33]
  8. Mikes Random Stuff Thread!

    What store is that?
  9. Last post, crossin my fangers[emoji111]
  10. I take my pics with samsung s5 with iso on 100 which made a huge difference. I cant wait to switch to sb lights. That and the apex then holy shit I might have everything I need...
  11. It may have been cheaper like 38.99.
  12. I'll pay ~100$ for a nice coral. But I saw stuff was priced around ~1000$. WTH!? Them folks are smokin crack to pay that kinda money! Puff puff pass [emoji36]
  13. The corals they have sure are pretty, in fact maybe too much so. In sure those pictures in one way or another are enhanced either with lighting or after the fact. I just don't see paying that kind of money myself for tiny frags. It seems the prices just keep going up. I dont mind droppin a few hundred on some nice stuff like those rainbows. I have good luck growing out acans an echinophylia. Soon as there big enough ill post em.