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    Sailing, fishing, lobstering, scuba diving... and of course my reef tanks
  1. You say you have only noticed Mag low, what about calcium?
  2. No problems per se, but not having used anything else, I don't know any better
  3. I've been using RC since the beginning, but always wondered if there was something better.
  4. I Have A Quest For You!

    I've got clearance and can definitely give you some help on that. Can you share more details.
  5. Welcome To Fprs Forum: Salinfl

    Thanks for letting me join, glad I found the group. Please let me know what the trick is to uploading images of my tanks.
  6. Matts Coral Connection In Fwb

    I haven't lived here very long and was really feeling put out by the lack of stores here. Setting up my IM38 I thought for sure I was going to run into problems without a good local store to turn to. I worry no more, Matts is awesome.