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  1. My 100 Gallon

    Been a while since I updated. Been messing with my lights trying to find the best levels to keep everything happy. This tank is shallower than my 65 was and my canopy is also lower so I had been cooking some things. 3/4 seems happy though. Left Middle (this will be cool when the frags encrust a bit I think) Right and the few steps back pic
  2. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

    Sweet update!
  3. My 100 Gallon

    Named ZB Cloud No frags yet. I want to grow it out and see what it looks like as a nice mini before I chop a frag off. Maybe this summer.
  4. My 100 Gallon

    New FTS.
  5. Help identify this

    Hard to tell from the pic but look up plating coraline algae.
  6. My 100 Gallon

    Some eye candy from tonight.
  7. My 100 Gallon

    All of my tanks are always barebottom. Coralline covers the bottom eventually and corals encrust over it. Easier to clean and have high flow.
  8. My 100 Gallon

    Updated FTS
  9. My 100 Gallon

    Left island. middle valley Right island.
  10. My 100 Gallon

    I love this coral so much.
  11. My 100 Gallon

    Some side shots and my new Scopas.
  12. I am all set on heaters now. Thanks guys! jcc- not at the moment.
  13. Can I swing by after work one day this week to pick it up?
  14. I am switching tanks and need to have my livestock in tubs while I fill the new tank. Thinking sat-sun. Thanks in advance!