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  1. Large Green Bubble Tip

    Nem is sold.
  2. Large Green Bubble Tip

    OK. He is supposed to come today to get it. If he does not, I will let you know. Have a great day!
  3. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    Looking good! I like your YouTube vids
  4. My 65 Gallon

  5. Large Green Bubble Tip

  6. Large Green Bubble Tip

    I am going to sell one of my GBTA. Very bright green, bubbles up well and is a good 8"+ when expanded. I have had it for a year and a half and it is acclimated to LED. Will come with the rock it is attached to which is about the size of a mango. It's the one on the left in these pics. $60
  7. My 65 Gallon

    Picked up some awesome Zoas to try and grow out into a mat on the bottom from Mydraal and a nice setosa frag. I mounted a bunch of cheap zoa frags from mike and a chalice that was in bad shape on some discs on the bottom to hopefully grow out.
  8. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

  9. My 65 Gallon

    Thank you. I always turn my blues down to like 10%. Cameras pick up too much blue otherwise. The close ups are with an Olympus Tough underwater camera.
  10. My 65 Gallon

    Just some more pics. Sorry my montis suck. My Kole eats on them. It doesnt seem to effect anything other than PE though. The rainbow browned out because of high nutrients that I think I have gotten under control now and its coloring back up.
  11. My 65 Gallon

  12. My 65 Gallon

    Thanks guys
  13. My 65 Gallon

  14. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    That rock nem down there is sweet!
  15. My 65 Gallon

    Literally no more room for SPS. If everything lives, it will look pretty cool a year from now I think. I guess now I need to look at pretty things for the bottom. I will say that for the first time, my wife looked at my tank and said, "I need to know now how much bigger your next one is going to be so I can prepare myself for it." She has always said this one is it...lol