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  1. Clown, shrimp/goby for sale

    Good size ocellaris and yellow watchman goby/tiger pistol shrimp pair for sale. I’m tearing down the tank for a while. Text me at (715) 523-2725 for pics. Located in Pace, near 5 points. Asking $30 for all 3.
  2. Clown, shrimp/goby for sale

    Good size ocellaris and yellow watchman goby/tiger pistol shrimp pair for sale. I’m tearing down the tank for a while. Text me at (715) 523-2725 for pics. Located in Pace, near 5 points. Asking $30 for all 3.
  3. Livestock sale

    Shrimp/Goby and clown for sale. Shoot me a text if you're interested.
  4. Livestock sale

    Getting rid of my livestock to take a break from the hobby. The tank is really dirty right now - lots of algae - and corals look like junk, but should survive with a little TLC. Green finger leather, Duncans, GSP, frogspawn, toadstool, mind-blowing palys, a few other palys, zoas (sunny d, purple people eater), mushrooms - take all for $30 Also have a pistol shrimp/goby pair - asking $20; oscellaris $10, coral banded shrimp $10 Text 715-523-2725 for pics. I'll be available this afternoon. Located in Pace off Luther Fowler
  5. 24G System for sale $400

    If anyone's interested, I'm ready to separate livestock and equipment. I will take $200 for all the livestock, rock, and sand. Buyer must take all. I don't have the time or ambition to piece it out. I did add a yellow watchman goby since the last post, as a friend for the pistol shrimp. Otherwise, the original post is still accurate. Text for pics, I can get them to you tomorrow when the lights are on.
  6. 24G System for sale $400

    Price dropped to $400.
  7. 24G System for sale $400

    Price dropped to $400 Hey all, considering taking a break from the hobby for a while. Asking $500 for complete system. Life's just gotten too busy for me to keep up with the tank, and it's gone downhill in the past few months. Most everything is still alive and doing ok - just not as happy as it should be. A little love and care should get everything happy again... Text me at 715-523-2725 for pics. I'm located in Pace. Fluval M60 - 24gal all-in-one SB Reef Lights 16" Basic Heater and fan with InkBird temp controller Live Rock Corals: Large Duncan colony, Toadstools, Purple people eater palys, Ricordea mushroom, GSP - 2 varieties, Mind-blowing palys, 2 little bitty Sunny D, Hammers and frogspawn, a couple other palys Livestock: Ocellaris clown, coral banded shrimp, pistol shrimp, sea urchin, snails Other odds and ends: brand new 5G bucket of Reef Crystals, another bucket about half gone, A few homemade acrylic items: algae scrubber & filter basket, glass scraper, pipette, frozen foods, and more
  8. Nano breakdown - livestock/rock only

    Sold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm breaking down my 5G nano tank. Looking to get rid of rock/sand/coral. Not sure what to ask - make offer for some or all. Yellow palys intermixed with some unknown paly Toadstool Green palys Kenya tree A couple hermit crabs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Bryopsis Outbreak

    I set up a small QT today to hold my shrimps, snails... try to minimize loss. I have some Kent techM on its way to start treatment next week. Thanks for the advice!! Will update after treatment.
  11. So I'm starting to have an outbreak of bryopsis in my tank, a 24G Fluval AIO. Currently, I am weighing treatment options, and planning on starting with nutrient starvation, manual removal, blackout period, and phosguard. I'd prefer to avoid chemistry changes or chemical treatments if at all possible, until I see how things go with first line treatment. If anyone has any extra chaeto you'd like to sell, let me know. Otherwise, I'll go buy some from Petland to provide some nutrient removal competition. Anyone have any other tips?? I'd be happy to hear/discuss.
  12. Corals Ft/fs

    What's the Ponade Birdsnest?? I can't find that one on Google.
  13. Corals For Trade

    Would you be interested in selling?? I'd be interested in your hammer and bam bam zoas if you'd want to sell.
  14. Nuisance Algae?

    I've had good success with a tank blackout for a cyano outbreak I had a while ago. I covered the tank in a blanket so NO light is let in for 48 hrs. 25% water change after blackout period. Cyano was gone - hasn't come back in well over a month. Best part? No chemicals to stress the tank!
  15. Fluval M60 New Tank Setup

    So I ran some tests this afternoon.... SG 1.025, pH - 7.6, Nitrates - 0, Phos - 0, Ca - 420, dKH - 8.4. Last water change was one week ago. I'm going to add some kalk to my ATO since I'm on the low end of normal dKH. Also thinking about ordering some PurpleUp or Purple Tech to raise my Ca. I'm hoping that it'll help maintain some of the trace elements (along with water changes), as it's got Ca, Mg, and Sr. I hope to keep my parameters stable with water changes, kalk, and the coralline builder to prevent having to do any further dosing.