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    Hunting, Fishing, and 17 years and counting on my reef Tank
  1. Algae

    Are you in Pensacola?
  2. Corals for Sale

    Good seller and Corals are in very good condition. That Blasto really looks good under my lights. Buy with confidence! Thanks Nathan.
  3. Corals for Sale

    text sent
  4. Ultra sb reef leds

    Mike told me a couple weeks ago that the Ultra's are the same spectrum as my 32 Wi-Fi extreme.
  5. A Few Zoas For Sale or Trade

    Nice meeting you Nathan. Zoas opened up within 20 mins after putting them in tank. They look great!
  6. What is this and how do you get rid of

    On Reef2Reef there is a lot of discussion on this. I fought this for a couple of months, and with flow and getting my nitrates between 2 and 5ppm and Phosphates around 0.03, finally beat it. Good Luck

    I have been ordering from them for a couple of years and never a problem.
  8. Corals For Sale

    Nice meeting you also Ken! The corals colored up almost immediately when I put them in my tank. Most definitely want a piece of the Titan. Thanks again Ken.
  9. Corals For Sale

    pm sent
  10. The Cure for bryopsis

    Thanks for the link. I have tried the vibrant for a little bit of hair algae with no luck.
  11. The Cure for bryopsis

    Where are you'll ordering this from? Everywhere online, looks like you need a prescription.
  12. Ice fire monti frag

    pm sent
  13. Ice fire monti frag

    Is this still available? If so I will take it.
  14. Tank temperature

    81 degree's year round per Reef Keeper. No issues!!
  15. Everything Must Go! 300G System. Sps, Lps, Softies.

    Text on the way. Jeff