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  1. 300 rock nems

    Reg. Rock nems $35 Ultras $50-75 And a handful of super ultras $80-120
  2. 300 rock nems

  3. 300 rock nems

    Over 300 ultra rock flower anemones in stock.
  4. expanding

  5. expanding

    Outside coral tanks are slammed full. And in the process of setting up (3) 8'x4'frag tanks that we just received. Couple teaser cell phone pics attached
  6. tons of new corals in!!!!

    biggest selection of corals that we have received yet. check our facebook for a couple teaser photos to help give you an idea. https://www.facebook.com/eliteaquaticsNWF/
  7. used equipment for sale

    125g tank, stand, and canopy used. Just broke down. $300 Aquamaxx coneS hob skimmer rated for 175g used $150 (2) 72" current USA orbit marine pro led lights with controller and ramp timer. Used $300 Buy all three items for $600.
  8. Black Friday Sale

    All corals 30% off!!!!!! Normal store hours Friday.
  9. Bulkhead Replacement

    We also carry 1" , 3/4", and 1/2" slipxslip bulkheads as well. Just an fyi
  10. Check facebook page for pics. purple tang chalices ruby red scooters copperband butterly
  11. Check out facebook for new coral pictures. Scoly's, acans, gonastrea, zoas, etc.... Plus we are now carrying 5g water jugs as well as a new product line from reefgrow.we also now carry salifert test kits.
  12. 2 New Shipments In

    Received 2 new shipments in. 20 new indo, Vietnam, and Fiji zoanthid colonies in Rose bubbles, green bubbles, long tentacle, rock flower anemones coco worm clown tang, convict tang, yellow tang, sailfin tang, naso tang, hippo tang, red scooter blenny, starry blennies, lawnmower blennies, diamond gobies, sunset fairy wrasse and much more. Pics of corals will soon follow on our facebook page.
  13. Couple pictures of the new aquascape coming together in the 60g cube thanks to westmariculture.com
  14. If you're looking for unique frag stations or even magnetic frag stations that look awesome check out westmariculture.com. use code: eliteaqua and receive 10% off I have some being shipped to the shop, and will display them in the 60g cube.
  15. Next Meeting - Fwb - August 2016

    I will open the shop on Sunday from 2pm-5pm for those that would like to stop by after the meeting.