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    My daughter and I have started a 125 gal reef tank. Looking for a stuff with a lot of color. Just got my first corals last week. I eager to learn so any advice or help you can give me will be great! Thanks guys!

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  1. Chaeto

    Phosphates/nitrates got too low and chaeto died off and now I need more. Anyone need to get rid of some chaeto? Please let me know. I'm near the Pensacola area
  2. Looking to buy/trade

    Hey guys I have too much green in my tank and too many zoas. Anyone want to trade? I tried to upload pics from my phone but the files are too big. But if you text me I can send them as text. 850-266-4691. I'm looking for reds, blues, oranges, basically any color other than green in bright colored sps/lps. I'm fairly new to the hobby and don't know the names of my corals but I'll be happy to send pics. Thanks!