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  1. Corals corals corals

    Im in need of a full clean up crew for a 125
  2. Coral FS

    No response to pm is this still available
  3. Diy Calcium Reactor

    The reactor is up and running. I thought I would share a couple useful tidbits I finally figured out after many trial and error to control the amount of water entering the reactor do not restrict the outflow this allows essentially no pressure on the reactor. this makes it much easier to control the bubble count for the co2, it also prevents catastrophic failure of the the reactor like my first first version. I also learned it is extremely difficult to get a 10lb co2 bottle filled in Pensacola area the airgas wants 27 dollars, I ended up buying a 20 lbs tank from wesco which they fill for 12 dollars the tank with the first fill was 119.
  4. Diy Calcium Reactor

    I tested it for 12 hours with a maxijet 1200 as the feed pump. In my ultimate wisdom, I decided why waste power with another pump and I put it on the manifold of the return pump. Well it went pop. So Im reinforcing the corners now and will stick with the maxijet.
  5. Diy Calcium Reactor

    This is a calc reactor I built anyone see any major flaws I have made?