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  1. SOLD SB Reef Extreme 16" Wifi Aquarium Lights

    Im interested. Please give me a call 850-619-3780.
  2. SOLD SB Reef Extreme 16" Wifi Aquarium Lights

    Do you still have the light for sale?
  3. Meetings

    Hi, Just wanted to find out more about the club and meetings. When will you guys have your next meeting? I was part of Razorback reef before we moved down here a few years ago. We are in the process of setting up a 225 gallon. We had a 180 back home. Im feeling a little rusty. Lol
  4. Live Rock

    Thanks yall! My husband is going to pick up a couple pieces today!
  5. Hi guys! Looking to purchase some live rock to seed dry live rocks. What's the best place... local or online?
  6. Snorkeling Areas To Collect?

    Hi, we are new here and would like to find out more about collecting in the area. We would be interested in getting together with the group to collect too.