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  1. Been a rough week for me. New job is testing my limits.
  2. My 45 Cube

    Looks great Richard. Good job. Building tanks is a blast.
  3. A frag of the 500 is $50-150 depending. Kind of tough to find though. 24k efflo can get pricey. There is another one that I can't remember. If mine ever takes off I'll cut a frag.. it appears James is winning the efflo race though. He'll be ready before I am.
  4. It was originally and the name stuck trent.. le efflos were super rare up until recently. Now there is a few different ones. James I still have the aa chameleon, RR wolverine, Ora borealis. Rmf headcase, 500 efflo, Banana lokani, CC pink limeade, bleached ones aren't dead either. Just hiding. I will probably lose the SOTR though. Which I am bummed about because its probably one of the rarest Milli's of all time.
  5. James the 500 dollar efflo is pretty awesome.. not so much the colors but how it grows.. look at some Google pics.. on a darker note.. stn on the Joe's rainbow. Saved a few pieces tho.. bleached the tierra del fuego, rommels rainbow, Somewhere over the Rainbow [emoji26] , red dragon, Reef raft avengers, and aqua delight. Killed the red planet and pink lemonade. Check your salinity folks!. Once I get this new job rolling I'm doing another big order tho. Hopefully replace the ones I killed and get some new gems.
  6. That's one of my old tanks.. my current tank is only good at killing irreplaceable acros.
  7. I had a condi eat a 6" sea hare once. Very discovery channelish.