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  1. selling livestock

    Still have any of these guys
  2. Blue Mushroom Rock For Sell Or Trade

    Yeah keep me in the loop for when you get too many again
  3. Beginners Sps Pack

    I know it probably won't b, but CFL ok?
  4. Group Buy Gone Terribly Wrong

    The stuff should have been split evenly and the free frags given to all in buy out group as it grows out. Then if someone kills their coral they get left out.
  5. I am with TravelinLight. I hate to say it, because I stopped in and looked at some of their salty critters and they had some cool stuff(didn't buy anything as I am still actively boycotting them), but puppy mills.
  6. Welcome To Fprs Forum: Vanschwank

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome Yardboy. I am just getting started in the hobby plan on setting up a tank soon. Got a Coraline Biocube 29, some seasalt, and a hydrometer in the mail on it's way. Next I think I will buy a test kit and some live rock. Can't wait to get it set up!!!