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  1. Monthly Meeting Starting July 1st.

    Also note it is not only a frag swap but you can also bring used equipment to sell. All we ask is that everything is priced in advance, and in working order. If not in working order it needs to be clearly marked as such for parts only. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. Monthly Meeting Starting July 1st.

    The meeting and frag swap are both on the 1st. It will always be the 1st Sunday of each month. If you saw the 8th it was simply a mistake. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. We're going to start having a meeting the first Sunday morning of each month 11am-noon @SBReefs in Davis Hwy, next to Bailey's farmers market. Each meeting someone will be presenting a topic for education and discussion. Love to have volunteers. Basic topics are great! Coffee drinks and donuts provided. Here's the kicker. Store will be closed until noon. We're allowing folks to bring corals and used equipment to sell or trade to each other. You can even use the "FRPS" club tank to display your corals. This will be open to new customers of the store as current reef club members. We are hoping to grow the reef club that way, as well as educate those new to the hobby. Seating will be limited so bring a camp chair. We will have a screen set up in the warehouse, plenty of room. First meeting is at 11am Sunday July 1st. Full disclosure: meeting is being held at and sponsored by SB Reefs and is not an official FRPS meeting...yet. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. 2 SB Reef Ultras for sale

    FYI, they are 16" Pro Timers, ULTRAs. First gen SBRL. I checked them out myself, they are in great shape. Measured PAR with in 5% of brand new. A good 3 to 5 years left in them easily. Very clean.
  5. CODA Expo in Montgomery Feb 10th !!!! FRAG SWAP!!!

    Put down if you plan on attending. Perhaps folks can car pool to Montgomery. You could meet at SB Reefs...just saying.
  6. We don't get many local frag swaps, don't miss this one! I'm presenting twice at the CODAX - City of Dreams Aquarium Expo in Montgomery Alabama. Arrive early to get the best seats. EXPO IS FREE and I guarantee my presentation will be worth the price of admission. 1. Electrical safety in the aquarium environment (aka Ground Probes Kill) 2. Spectral absorption of zooxanthallae with in Coral We will also have an SB Reef Lights booth at the show as well. Bringing some coral fire! Easy drive from Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, and Nashville, no excuse not to attend.

    PENSACOLA'S ONLY AQUARIUM SUPERSTORE SB REEFS VETERAN'S DAY SALE!! Friday thru Sunday - In store only. Freshwater and, Saltwater fish plus corals, Plus all the equipment you could possibly need. Free saltwater or RODI for all active duty and retired military. Just show us your military ID and will give you 10 gallons of RODI or saltwater for free, once per day. Feel free to come back all three days. And of course we still only use red sea coral Pro for our salt mix at a specific gravity of 1.026 and mixed with zero TDS RODI. The rest of these sale prices are available to all Patriots regardless of military service. To prove you're a patriot and get the sale price, simply show up with an American flag. It can be on your shirt, a pin, a picture you drew in the car on the way over, don't really care, just show us your patriotism and that you're honoring our veterans this weekend. -all coral frags buy 3 get 1 free! -by any 2 LRS Flat packs of Frozen, get a free cooler bag -all Coral colonies that have red, white or blue in them are 20% off. All other corals are 10% off -all freshwater fish normally $1.99 or less, 10 for $10 -all African cichlids 20% off -Emerald crabs only $3.95!! Nassarius snails $1.95, all other snails, blue leg Hermits, red leg Hermits, only $1 -Firefish gobies and engineer gobies only $5 -purchase any betta tank, get $5 off any beta -super healthy purple tang we've had for 2 months, $199.95. What!?!?! -XXXL Male Blonde Naso Tang. Huge show size, very healthy Tang. Not $399, not $299, only $269.95! -special assortment of hand-picked, faded out, browned out, or healing Frags, only $5 each. We just pulled a bunch of new pieces into the section. Heal them up and save a ton. -Baker's Dozen sale on feeder fish. Pay for 10 feeder fish, get 2 free. Valid on feeder shrimp as well. BLOW OUT SPECIALS!! *150 gallon aquarium with furniture quality hardwood stand and canopy, regular price over $1,600($1800 at competitors), only $949.95. Pick from expresso or honey maple stand. Only one at this price. Plus take 10% off any other Hardware you buy with the tank, including glass tops, filters, lights Etc. *32 gallon BioCube with LED lighting. Only $449.95 with the stand. *16 gallon BioCube with LED lighting. Only $349 with the stand. *By any dr. Tims instant cycle product and get 10% off, plus 20% off your first two fish purchased within 48 hours. Ask us for details on how to cycle a new tank that quickly. Offer valid for fresh or saltwater tanks. SB REEFS 4201 N Davis Hwy Pensacola FL 32501 (850)898-3707 Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. 1st Anniversary Sale

    You forgot to mention free pizza and sodas 9-midnight!!! More specials Saturday and Sunday as well. Check in store or on Facebook for details.
  9. Starting a new swtup and quarintine swtup

    We have Dr. Tim's if you need to speed up the cycle. As it today and a couple fish tomorrow. Glad to see you back in it!
  10. Our reef tank

    Welcome to the group! If your local hit SB Reefs on Davis Hwy Pensacola. We have the gulf coast's largest selection of SW fish and corals plus equipment at the lowest prices.
  11. Looking for easy corals

    We have hundreds of beginner to advanced frags and colonies at SB Reefs on Davis Hwy. Starting at $4.95.
  12. WTB Corals Panama City and surrounding areas

    Drive to Pensacola, we have over 1200 frags starting at $11.95 each. Mild to wild. Buy 4 get 1 free. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. Power outage day

    Reminder for many, that a $400 generator is cheaper than loosing $thousands$ in coral... Or at least an inverter you can run to the car to keep the main circulation pumps and a heater going.
  14. Crazy Weekend Sale @ SB Reefs Retail Store!!

    Lots of nice Mushroom and Zoa colony rocks left! Dirt cheap!
  15. Scooter 270G

    Scooter, let me know if you need help getting the tank and stand in the house. Glad to leave the shop for a bit to help out. BTW Josh did a great job on that stand! You should have him weld up a lighting rack as well. Then skin it to create a floating canopy. Oh and get with me when you are ready to order lights. Even if you don't order mine, I can point you in the right direction.