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  1. Aquarium Technician Needed

    Anyone interested or know of someone that might be? Thanks, Kevin
  2. Aquarium Technician Needed

    ] Aquarium technician needed. Must have experience with both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Must be able to test into the position by answering basic aquarium questions. knowledge of corals is a plus. You must be able to lift up to 50lbs. If you don't own an aquarium or haven't at least owned many in the past please do not apply. Must be dive certified. You will be diving aquariums up to 30,000 gallons. $9-$10 is starting pay during probationary period. Salary/hourly negotiable after probation. Up to 45 hrs per week. Customer service background a plus
  3. Fluval 2.6 Gal

    My daughter and one of my sons each have their own Fluval Spec in their rooms. This is just a quick shot of my daughter's Clown. These fish are just cool....LOL! She went with this Clown because "she is different and cool looking". Both of their tanks are simple with just Life Rock, and anemone and a Clown or two. My oldest is holding out for a Fluval Spec 5 gal. LOL!
  4. Next Pensacola Meeting - 17 May 15

    When you get the business cards printed let me know. We will definitely put some out in the shop!
  5. Here is a link to a few new pieces added this past week. *changed link added.
  6. Breeding Clown Fish

    Jen....I'm still ready to buy your Clowns whenever. LOL.......or maybe we can do a trade?
  7. Breeding Clown Fish

    I have a friend that is, due to his full-time job, getting out of Clown breeding. He has several currently spawning pairs for sale if you are interested. They are extremely nice designer clowns though and quite expensive. But they are proven breeders which means a lot.
  8. Clown Fish

    Nice Clowns!
  9. Breeding Clown Fish

    Are any of the Clowns currently nesting? Any current pics of all the Clowns and the set up? Thanks!
  10. Breeding Clown Fish

    I currently have 6 different pair that I'm attempting to breed now. I'm in the waiting stages for the most part right now. They have all paired up and, over the past couple of months, its become obvious which is now the more dominant female. About half my broodstock is of the best size/age for breeding while the others are a bit young. They range from a smaller pair of Wyoming Whites to a more mature pairing of a GSM and a Midnight. I currently have them in the tank below, mostly because it's what I already had. I'm in the process of putting together a new system with separate 10 gal tanks for each pair. I'm doing this strictly for the learning experience and the kids enjoy it. I honestly wouldn't plan on doing this for profit for a long time, it at all. I can tell you right now that just having these pairings that have yet to begin breeding is plenty of work. Once they start its going to be a fairly time consuming project. There are several good "how-to" kind of sites and a couple of good Facebook groups dedicated to breeding Clowns.
  11. Wysiwyg Coral 03/18/15

    Sorry to take so long getting these posted. I've been incredibly sick since coming back from Orlando. Follow this link to our current frag selection. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. I will post other galleries this week or next with fish that are currently available, those that are in QT along with the date they become available and other in store products with pricing. Thanks and hope to see you in the shop soon! Kevin
  12. Okay guys.....we are in Orlando for the week looking for new and interesting products for you. We are also making a stop at World Wide Coral to pick up a LOT of new coral to bring back to Pensacola. Stay to follow!! Kevin
  13. Website Problem - Update

    I like the look! Good job!
  14. Filter Socks

    That link shows them for 12.55. You got them for 3.50? That's an awesome price!
  15. Reef Scapes, Inc On Facebook

    Hey guys! Follow us over on Facebook as well. We will, from time to time, have specials/sales that are FB specific just as we will do here. Hope to start seeing you guys here, on Facebook and at the shop! Reef Scapes, Inc Kevin Reef Scapes 2005 E Olive Road Pensacola, FL 850-479-1490