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  1. Wtb montipora

    I have orange digitata rainbow encruster seasons greatings wwc cherry tree red cap green cap wwc grafted cap A lavender wierd thick monti forest fire digitat All of which I have frags for or can make frags of. And all of which have been captive propagated from frags. 850 368 733 5 is me, text anytime if you want any
  2. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    Hollywood stunner?
  3. Corals and fish

    Also interested pics? Meat coral? 850m368 7335 text if available
  4. Orange Ricordeas, blue tip stag

    I’d take a Ricordia and maybe a frag. 850 368 7335 cash or trade
  5. Bluewater Zoo

    They are real good to hobbiests that like to trade and commission coral frag. Love em for that and they are responsible with their sourcing unlike most that just rip corals off the reefs and resell. High quality fish as well.
  6. Moving and selling it all

    Interested in all if available. 850 368 7three 35 can pick up anytime
  7. Revamped my reef system

    Took a lot of brainstorming to get this done.. as it sits in the same spot as the tanks it replaced. will have lots of zoanthid and Sps frags available soon.... had to break a bit to get the coral out of the old tank 120 gal main display 50 breeder mangrove refugium 50 low boy frag tank 100 gal Rubbermaid stock tank for a sump Ran by a iwaki md40rxt Thanks for looking brad
  8. Pensacola Meeting

    sweet ill be there, I can also bring some frags if anyone is interested.
  9. Show Us Your Zoas/palys

    id like a frag of those vampires if u ever frag em... those are very pretty my list I think its complete ...always getting new stuff... Beradds coral list PALLLY ZOANTHID * Grandis : Green, Blue Eye, Cinnimon. * Sonic Flare Blondy,Blonde Blue Eyed ***** Tutti Fruity Reverse gorilla nipples La Lakers Purple Panther Sunny D Armor of the God Froot loop God of war fire and ice speckeled fire and ice Pink zipper Utter Chaos Red hornet Blue hornet blue agave blow pops dragon eyes Magicians Rastas Purple minions Pink hallucination Purple hallucination Pink Krakatoa Carabean blue Blue lagoon Alien inferno Electric koolaids Cherry Nova Goldshots Peach smoothie Nightmare Goblins on fire gateraid Candy apple orange hippy Dusters Mary jane Rose nebula Pink Panther Space monster JF Bloodshot Golden empire blue agave electric oompa loompa night crawler magicians * LPS * Red acan orange fungia red and green chalice hollywood stunner chalice wierd blue pink chlalice green eyed blastomussa green n red favia * LEATHER * green polyped sarcophyton greenish sarcophyton * * rose bubble nem * SHROOMS * JAwbreaker from reefsponge ironman wannabe greeen metalic shroom rainbow yuma 24carrot gold yuma purple tonga * SPS * surf and turf acro ora red planet fireside acro blue bottlebrush rainbow poccilipora rainbow montipora tyree sunset montipora purple haze montipora purple tip spongoid superman capricorni spearmint millipora garf bonzai bird of paridise green slimer blue stylophora wierd blue dragon looking acro strawberry limeaid ice fire enchinata strawberry shortcake pac man strawberry lemonaid crazy bannanas milli pink milli Joe the coral * Baddies * Green star polyp vietnamess blue zenia
  10. Gulfarium As Meeting Place

    A meeting would be super cool... frag swap would be fun as well. any chance on anything like this happening this year?
  11. Beradd

    Thanks Mitch, super kind words. thanks for the magicians too they are super cool.