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  1. looking for lps softies and zoas

    Lots of zoas a couple leather frags some shrooms and sticks available
  2. Interested . 850 368n7335 text
  3. Nice I might try and come up that way wed or thurs.
  4. Haha... contemplating comming up to see what you have for stores up there.
  5. Nice Sps frags.

    Just fragged a few of my display tank Sps, going to put them up for grabs. Text 850 368 7335 if interested. shades of fall. 💥 1 only first frag orange setosa🍊 Bc blue zero acro bubblegum mili 🍭 orange digitata strawberry lemonade cali torte seasons greetings Wwc apple berry monty Wwc grafted Monty cap rainbow monty forest fire digitata Rainbow poccilipora As well as about 40 kinds of named zoanthids and play. available most mornings between 930 and 1130. Other times can be arranged. 850 368 7335 text please Daylight pics Blue pic
  6. Rainbow bubble tip clone

  7. 850 368 7335 I’ve got a large selection of zoanthids
  8. Speckled Krak zoa

    wondering if it ever got cut
  9. current 6bulb t5 ligt with moon lights

    Interested. Any chance of a pic?
  10. Wtb

    Have a couple 125s tank and stands if Interested. Custom acrylic sump esv skimmer or reef octo. Could put together 2 full systems out of spare parts laying around. Most of the stuff I could let go for a steal,just to regain some garage space lol. Lmk
  11. Undulated trigger

    Going to blue water zoo Monday unless anyone here is interested
  12. Undulated trigger

    SOLD....very healthy and beautiful 5 inch undulated trigger seeking a new family. 25$ and a handshake agreement it will be well cared for and kept in a decent sized tank. No lights on the tank he is in atm sorry for the bad pic 8503687335 text please
  13. Rainbow bubble tip clone

    Sold pending payment and pickup Saturday
  14. Rainbow bubble tip clone

    My rainbow bubble tip anemone finally kicked its clone out of its foot hold. She’s resting in a pvc cap in my frag tank. Asking 50$. Very healthy and good sized. Been split for about 2 months. Picture is both together sharing a foot hole. 850 368 7335 text or pm on Facebook messenger. Lots of zoanthid and sps frags available as well
  15. Speckled Krak zoa

    850 368n7335 interested . Can send a pic?