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  1. Sps And Zoas/paly Fs (All sold)

    I will be in your area tomorrow around 630pm,would like to buy from ya
  2. Corals For Sale

    Pmd you and texted you
  3. Looking For Sps

    Looking for monticap,acro, birdsnest text me with what ya got and prices thanks 8504973971
  4. Corals For Sale

    I want aog and ff digi
  5. Wp-40 / Wp-25 Observations

    Ive been running the rw-15 a d rw-20 for close to a year now,very happy with these pumps especially for the price!
  6. Iso Large Fish

    Bump,looking for big tangs, not looking for free, whatcha got and price thanks
  7. Iso Large Fish

    Still lookin for fish to put in my 480 gallon tank thanks
  8. Iso Large Fish

    Looking for large hippo tang,naso, etc.. let me know what ya got and price 8504973971
  9. Lf Acro Frags In Destin

    Looking for acro frags in destin area, i will be in destin today/ sunday 24th and looking for sps thanks 8504973971
  10. Let's Hear From Our Sps Keepers.

    I also use pool chemicals. Pinch a penny is good,recently set up calcium reactor and if you know what you are doing and how they work then dialing in is not so hard. Also helps to have an apex or reefkeeper to set parameters.
  11. Chelsey

    I got some nice Darth mauls and mushrooms from chelsey, thankyou so much.
  12. Beradd

    Thankyou for the beautiful corals, hope to do business again very soon. Awesome tank setup, everyone must buy from Brad he has some great deals,all corals are healthy and large polyps. Great guy to deal with.