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  1. Sand

    I have a cooler full, probably a couple hundred pounds at least. I can text pics. Joe 85O-232-888I
  2. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    No, I don't have any but I do have a little bit of WWC Toxic Pie. There is a pic in my previous post and it is in the first pic. I will try to add it here.
  3. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    I am in the area of 29 and Nine Mile Road
  4. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    I have several good sized ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale, prices starting at $10 but not more than $25. I have lots of other stuff for sale, call or text. Thanks, Joe 85O-232-888I
  5. Coral frags for sale

    Heres one more that I couldn't put on the main post, Rainbow Monti in front, WWC Seasons Greetings Monti in back.
  6. Coral frags for sale

    My tank is getting overgrown and I need to sell some stuff. Lots of corals, some cut and mounted and some can be fresh cut. Most prices are starting prices because I have many different sizes from small frags to mini colonies. ORA Supernatural $20 ORA Red Planet $20 ORA Blue Chalice $20 Green sinularia $20 WWC Forrest Fire $20 WWC Toxic Pi $20 Forrent Fire Digi $20 Rainbow Monti $15 Jedi Mind Trick $25 Lavender Fuzzy Mushrooms $15 Kryptonite Candy Canes $10 first head, $5 ea after that I have several other corals that I can frag as well or sell as a whole depending on what it is. Sorry if the pics are small, it wouldn't let me upload larger ones but I can text you more if you'd like. I live in Pensacola close to the Walmart on 29, call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe