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  1. 50 gallon tub *SOLD*

    50 gallon tub with stand, canopy, 20 gallon sump, custom stainless drip pan under the sump. This tank was set up for about 8 years so it’s gonna need a little TLC. $150 Call or text 85O-232-888I
  2. I have another style Reef Breeders black box type for $80.00, and a SB Reef light black box type for $60. These have two cords each and have the individual dials for blue and white light intensity. These lights have worked flawlessly for me and have also grown lots and lots of corals. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  3. Price reduced, XLg Green Sinularia F/S, $250 OBO

    Price reduced, I really need to move this out. Will consider trades or trade/cash, looking for nice milli's and other nice acros. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  4. Lots of corals for sale

    Sorry, I haven't been checking the board lately. $10 for the first head, $5 each head after that. Call or text is better 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  5. I have a XLg Green Sinularia that I need to sell. It is about a foot wide and tall and very flowey in the current. I can give you part of the rock it resides on, not the whole thing. $300 OBO The large devils hand on the right is sold now but the Green Sinularia is still available. I still have lots of other corals for sale, check my other post below. Click Here Call or text 85O-232-888I, I can text you a short video if you want.
  6. Lots of corals for sale

    I have lots of stuff in my tank that has grown pretty big and I need to thin lots of it out. I have some fragged already and I can also do fresh cut frags. Prices starting at $10, I also throw in freebies when possible. Kryptonite Candy canes ORA Red Planet (several frags and all are encrusting) ORA Supernatural ORA Blue Chalice WWC Seasons Greetings Duncans Forest Fire Digitata Extra large green sinularia Extra large devil's hand leather Tri-color acro Lavender fuzzy mushrooms and more... Prices will be low, I need to move a lot of stuff due to crowding. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  7. Sand

    I have a cooler full, probably a couple hundred pounds at least. I can text pics. Joe 85O-232-888I
  8. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    No, I don't have any but I do have a little bit of WWC Toxic Pie. There is a pic in my previous post and it is in the first pic. I will try to add it here.
  9. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    I am in the area of 29 and Nine Mile Road
  10. ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale

    I have several good sized ORA Blue Chalice frags for sale, prices starting at $10 but not more than $25. I have lots of other stuff for sale, call or text. Thanks, Joe 85O-232-888I
  11. Coral frags for sale

    Heres one more that I couldn't put on the main post, Rainbow Monti in front, WWC Seasons Greetings Monti in back.
  12. Coral frags for sale

    My tank is getting overgrown and I need to sell some stuff. Lots of corals, some cut and mounted and some can be fresh cut. Most prices are starting prices because I have many different sizes from small frags to mini colonies. ORA Supernatural $20 ORA Red Planet $20 ORA Blue Chalice $20 Green sinularia $20 WWC Forrest Fire $20 WWC Toxic Pi $20 Forrent Fire Digi $20 Rainbow Monti $15 Jedi Mind Trick $25 Lavender Fuzzy Mushrooms $15 Kryptonite Candy Canes $10 first head, $5 ea after that I have several other corals that I can frag as well or sell as a whole depending on what it is. Sorry if the pics are small, it wouldn't let me upload larger ones but I can text you more if you'd like. I live in Pensacola close to the Walmart on 29, call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe