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  1. Feedback On Andrew

    Bought the power head and some more corals from Andrew, the power head works perfect and the corals opened up and are doing great! Very Pleased check out his stuff, Im sure you will be pleased
  2. My Return To Sump

    Its hard to see in I guess its called the overflow chamber in the back where the pipes are he painted it and the outside of the tank black
  3. My Return To Sump

    Im inclined to say I agree but being that Im a beginner Im learning my way through. I had a 29 gallon biocube to start with and was very pleased with it. Im pleased with the way the 60 cube looks now that Ive added more stuff just so damn noisey, he told me it was due to lack of water, he waiting to 6pm to come over to start the swap. So I really feel like I got screwed for not knowing more! But to late to do anything about it now. He wont call me, return text or emails
  4. My Return To Sump

    The piece of pump in the aquarium looks like that, it is drilled thru the bottom then converts to a piece of corrugate pipe that dumps into the sump
  5. My Return To Sump

    Its goes into a gravity fed Piece of PVC Pipe, the come down to bottom of tank where it joins with a corrugated pipe that goes into my sump.
  6. Feedback On Andrew

    I purchased a frag of his red people eaters and live rock and a used skimmer he had, super nice, great frag and live rock! Super easy to deal with, very pleased!!
  7. My Return To Sump

    OK I went from a 29 gallon biocube to a 60 gallon and went with a sump. I hired someone to drill the tank and help with my setup and I thought help me understand how it all worked but that didnt happen. Here is my question the Gravity feed for the water to the sump, for lack of better way of putting has an occasional burp, is there anyway to stop that or is that normal. Everything seems to be doing great, Fish and coral seem happy etc. Just that one thing. Any advice would be appreciated