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  1. Macro Algae And Live Rock

    The rock and plants are gone. I still have sand and around 40lbs of dry rock.
  2. Macro Algae And Live Rock

    I went to pull the tank apart and I have about 15 lbs of rock in two pieces that have caulerpa, halimeda, and some cheato. This would be good for someone just starting a tank. $15 bucks for it all. 5 gallon bucket full of white sand. Free
  3. Palythoa Grandis

    update.. Mangroves and all fish are sold Interesting how this thread has been hijacked. If anyone would like to make an offer or comment on my price please be respectful and shoot me a pm, i assure you none of my prices are firm. If you have your own coral to sell please create your own thread. Cheers
  4. Palythoa Grandis

    Cool story, I've seen 20-50 online. And much more locally.
  5. New 180G Tank

    I would strongly advise you not to use casters on that large of a system(or any system for that matter). Those 6 casters would be rated to 2700lbs combined and with just water you will be at 2,000lbs and will easily top that when you add in all of the other equipment.
  6. Palythoa Grandis

    $150 for all fish but will work a sweet deal for any of the larger system guys. $175 obo for the Palythoas
  7. Palythoa Grandis

    Leopard Wrasse sold
  8. Palythoa Grandis

    Coral- 11 heads of Palythoa Grandis that I need to part with. $80 or they are going to Reefscapes. Matt 850-377-4397
  9. F.o.t.w. Poll More Than Most Of Us Want To Spend Fish

    Black Tang is on the list for me.
  10. Iso Cabinet Builder/carpenter

    I actually just purchased one in Atlanta for a great price but I will keep you in mind for the next one. I still can't get over how much money some of these guys quoted me for an oak stand.
  11. I Have A Quest For You!

    I would be curious to know if it were legal?
  12. Killer Dosing Containers!

    That is a bit more testing than I want to do haha
  13. Killer Dosing Containers!

    wow 8? What all are you dosing for?
  14. 560G Gallon Mixed Reef Build

    Looks awesome!
  15. Aquarium Technician Needed

    Kevin, can I just come dive a few tanks for fun?