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  1. WTB Dragons Breath Macro

    Looking to purchase a frag asap and possibly sum other types of macro...(blue hypnea)? Lmk what ya got. 850-seven7six-two8onethree LT
  2. Equipment for sale

    Everything is still avail except the dosing pump....
  3. Equipment for sale

    Yes they r, Pensacola....
  4. Equipment for sale

    Bump, $275 for both kessils and controller. Guarantee everything works properly. Come check em out!
  5. Equipment for sale

    OBO? Also have a MP60W quiet drive( waaaay too much flow for a 40 breeder with softies only) that I would like to trade for a MP40/cash.
  6. Equipment for sale

    Two A360w’s and the controller for sale. $300 for both lights and the controller or $160 each, $50 for the controller. CPR Aquatics Hang on back Refugium large. Comes with the pump and an extension neck/splash guard for the return $50 or would trade for nice size frag of dragons breath or some blue hypnea Kamoer x4 WiFi dosing pump. $100 Everything works properly. No issues whatsoever, just don’t need anymore. Willing to negotiate on prices....Dunno how to post pics on here but can text pics. If I don’t answer, please text. LT-Eightfive0-seven76-twenty8thirteen
  7. 40 breeder sump for sale.

    Buy both for $40
  8. 40 breeder sump for sale.

    Aqueon brand. 2 yrs old, used it as a sump. It’s n perfect condition, no cracks scratches or leaks. Does have baffles but can easily b removed. $25 LT-eight fiveo-776-twenty8thirteen. Location is Pensacola.
  9. 40 breeder sump for sale.

    Aqueon brand. 2 yrs old, used it as a sump. It’s n perfect condition, no cracks scratches or leaks. Does have baffles but can easily b removed. $25 Also have a 55 long Aqueon, same age/condition but no baffles. $25
  10. $175 for all the fish???
  11. Everything listed above for $375 today (Sunday) only. Does include the items that had individual prices except the hairy mushroom rock, it’s already gone. This means all the livestock/rock in the tank, sand is included if u want that as well....must bring your own buckets/bags. $375
  12. Disregard any prices listed below, everything in the tank for $375.......... All fish are healthy with no know issues. All fish have been n my tank for more than a year. Powder Brown tang 4” Marine Betta 3” Magnificent foxface 4” Red velvet fairy wrasse 4” Radiant wrasse 3” juvenile Melanurus wrasse 2” Redlined wrasse 3” Spotbreast angel 3” 2 Engineer gobies 6” Springerii Damsel 1” Lyretail Hogfish 4” B/W Clownfish 3” Flurry Clownfish 2” Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish 2” Mystery wrasse 2” Royal gramma basslet 2”. That’s it for fish. Have about 175 lbs of rock that has various amounts of life on it to include coralline, sponges, mushrooms, etc...no hair algae but there r about 15-20 heads of aptasia. The rock is pukani, Marco, Fiji mix and has been in a tank (wet) for at least 3 yrs. Will sell everything in the tank for $500 except for a large leather($50), rainbow meat coral($75) large Duncan($35) and 1 hairy mushroom rock($35). There are sum dendros, acans, neon gsp and Duncans and 1 blanophyllia. Not willing to split up as I don’t have time for all that. Can come as a group n divvy up what u want amongst ur selves... Don’t know how to post pics so I can/will text if requested. LT- (local area code)776-twentyeight thirteen. Text is preferred as I may not b able to answer a call. This is 1st come....not holding anything.
  13. Ricordea Mushrooms Must Go

    Pm sent