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  1. Still available...healthy, active, and eats like a pig! Might be willing to trade for coral...looking for neon green sinularia.
  2. Male Vroliks for sale in great condition and eating. Just under 3". Same as a melanurus just lil different in coloring and not as common. Asking $45. 8five0-seven76-28thirteen. Text for pics or can see in person.
  3. WTB Stomatella Snails

    Still in need.....
  4. WTB Stomatella Snails

    Looking for sum stomatellas. Willing to pay for em. Need as many as I can get asap. Will come and remove them if u prefer.... LT-850-7seven6-twenty8-thirteen. Call or text. Thanks
  5. Marine Betta rehome

    Pm sent
  6. 120 gal WTT for a 90 cube only

    My tank is 4x2x2. text me sum pics
  7. 120 gal WTT for a 90 cube only

    I have a 120 gal reef ready Marineland that I would like to trade for a 90 cube. My tank is in excellent condition and has a manufacturing date of march 2015(date sticker still hidden on inside trim).The tank is currently in use and has been since I bought it new 2yrs ago from Matts Corals. Nothing is wrong with it, just wanna downgrade. Can come see in person or will send pics. LT-850-776-2813. Located in Pensacola.
  8. Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer

  9. Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer

    still avail......
  10. Fish for sale

    Thanks Drauka, all fish/corals r sold. Only thing left is live rock. LT--850-776-2813 call/text
  11. Fish for sale

    updated list 2 show whats left....
  12. Live Rock for sale

    honestly i dunno but its over 140 lbs and less than 275 lbs
  13. Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer

    Curve 7. Took it out of the box, gave a vinegar bath and put in sump where it sat for a little while unused, then i removed it. Its in excellent working condition, the acrylic doesnt have any scratches at all including the collection cup...its never had any skim in it other then the vinegar skim... $175 Lt-850-776-2813
  14. Fish for sale

  15. Live Rock for sale

    Plenty of live rock for sale..Have sum in my display and sum n a stock tank. Pukani, Marco andBoth have been in saltwater for the last 2 yrs and has plenty of life on the rocks to include sponges, coraline, pods etc.. $1.50 per pound. Feel free to come take a look...have fish/corals/equipment for sale....Lt 850-776-2813.call/text