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  1. To Use A Uv Or Not To Use

    Its definitely debatable. You would be better off trading it for something you need or selling it. That's my opinion.
  2. Funny Price At Lfs

    Wow that is a good one they sell $5 frags of it here at the store it would be free if I propagated it lol
  3. To Use A Uv Or Not To Use

    More information is needed
  4. Help Algae

    A little kalk and vodka dosing would help bring the phosphates down as well
  5. Bayer Complete

    It won't kill nudibranchs in my experience it will kill aefw
  6. Skimmer Overrated

    It should cure in 24 hours but a little extra time wouldn't hurt there definitely shouldnt be any smell and just make sure you don't use Ge silicone 2 or any others that say no mildew
  7. Skimmer Overrated

    That skimmer should be really good for your sized tank
  8. It definitely gets slow in the summer but it takes some questions to get things started
  9. Tallahassee Store

    There are a couple nice stores and an epic tank in someones home as well if anyone cool is in town hit me up I will point you in the right direction
  10. Kalkwasser Questions

    A starting dose for vodka is .1 ml per 25 gallons of net water volume as far as dosing kalk you could get a brs pump but with an apex I believe you could use an aqualifter pump and get the same job done for a fraction of the cost
  11. Kalkwasser Questions

    No its definitely used for adding calcium and stabilizes alk to a point it really depends on your tank kalk has a ph of over 12 but people who use kalk to stabilize ph can end up with a lot of other issues ph being between 7.8 and 8.5 is fine fluctuations in ph in that range are less important than the stability of calcium and especially alkalinity some tanks do fine with just dosing kalk others use two part dosing others use a calcium reactor others use a calcium reactor in conjunction with dosing kalk because if they are co2 from the reactor enters the aquarium it will lower ph and sometimes to dangerous levels while others can do simple water changes to keep calcium alk and mag stable I know this is a little off base of the original question but just wanted to go further in detail on this so any newbies wouldnt be confused but ranger Daryl a kalk reactor is definitely preference I have run one and it was just another piece of equipment to fool with cleaning over time it got clogged and needed to be cleaned I did the kalk in the ato water for a while but it can be hard on your ato pump and your evaporation rate will vary a little so it depends on how accurate you would like to keep things another option is a another reservoir with a dosing pump with an apex you could program an aqualifter pump or maybe get a brs pump drews dosing pump you can concentrate kalk more by using vinegar to lower ph but if you do this you are stepping into carbon dosing personally my preference is vodka for carbon dosing I hope this helps a little
  12. Kalkwasser Questions

    I figured you did I just saw some new guy posted that it doesn't add calcium or something to that effect even though calcium hydroxide is a major ingredient
  13. Kalkwasser Questions

    Kalk definitely raises calcium levels and has a ph of over 12 when mixed with water it forms calcium hydroxide it also contains alkali salts that being said it definitely raises your calcium and should not be used blindly you will be adding calcium directly to your tank..... if your evaporation rate is pretty consistent then you can test over the course of time and determine how much kalk should be used there are a number of heavy metals in kalk and that is why it is important to mix it well and let these settle you are definitely adding calcium when using kalk I would read the article by Randy Holmes on the subject before using it there is a lot of false info posted on it just like anything else people mean well but don't always have the knowledge I have a pretty good understanding of it and it definitely contains CALCIUM but I would still suggest reading that article its been a while for me I am about to read it again but I remember reading kalk depletes strontium which we dont really know that is really that beneficial but I also know there is something in kalk that binds to phosphates and then exports them but anyway I have rambled enough here
  14. Aga 90 Gallon

    I wish I would have put at least a door on the side of my stand if my sump leaks I am screwed ...looks like your new tank is coming along great looks like the same aquascape as the Dsa lol..but you will have more room :)/>
  15. Might be the picture but that doesnt look like 36x24x24 I would pass on that period personally