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  1. Saltwater FAQ

    Can I add to this?
  2. Cheap Ebay Leds

    I agree with you. I would have probably gone the DIY route had I not talked myself into getting the ones I have now. I am a firm believer in "do it yourself" projects no matter what the mainstream is. Hell, just look at my tank build you will see that. My first protein skimmer was a mag12 on a 5 gallon water bottle and a homemade venturi If you can save cash and get the same results.....do it.
  3. Cheap Ebay Leds

    my boxes mere not pretty....
  4. Algea Problem

    A lot of people have claimed success while using the "magic eraser" in their reef tanks. I found that the pads do contain certain chemicals, Formaldehyde-Melamine-Sodium Bisulfite Copolymer. The theory is the magic eraser acts like a fine grit sandpaper. Most people that use them will say the pads do not leach any chemicals into the water but It would scare me. I personally have never used them.
  5. Algea Problem

    What kind of system are you running? What lights,kelvin rating,how big is the tank, sump? What are you doing for nutrient export? What change schedule? If you have algae growing then you have elevated nitrates/phosphates. Im amusing your testing for these things? Sorry for all the questions but to answer your question we need to know.
  6. 180 Gallon Acrylic Tank

    this build would be a lot more entertaining if it had pictures...
  7. Sensordrone

    Ow yea
  8. 180 Gallon Acrylic Tank

    Well that blows. At least the holly sheep was outside
  9. 800 Gallon Build

    Got ya
  10. Turf Algae Filter

    That is no were near enough water flow over that screen. And yes, you will need a lot more light. Somewhere in the 3-5K range if you want this to work. I can't emagine why you would want to build a ATS anyways other than just wanting to do it. Back in the day they were considered good...but so was under gravel filters. Anthony Calfo made several good arguments on making them work good but on the same note....several others tried his theories and they just didn't work as well as the equipment we have available today. See the thing is...in order for a ATS to work you have to have high levels of nutriants (nitrates and phosphates) if your levels are that high to begin with then you got more problems than trying to figure out how to make your ATS work (big diferance in growing a little cheato and sustaining a full blown ATS) A little good husbandry goes a long way in this hobby. Just my opinion of course. (Spoken from experience)
  11. Question For The Experts

    You need no more flow through your sump than your skimmer can process. Any more is just along for the ride.
  12. Question For The Experts

    Mag pumps do create some heat. I think a 9.5 would be to big for a 10 gallon sump. I ran one in a 20 long back in the day. Even with 5 feet on head on it, it was a lot for that sump.
  13. 800 Gallon Build

    owww yea
  14. Last One I Promise (Id Please)

    All the Majano's are dead. Maybe there in hiding waiting for me to go back to work so they can surprise me with there reproductive capabilities. Not sure but for for now I cant find even one. If anyone ever has this problem, I would defiantly recommend kalk paste.
  15. What Just Doesn't Work Or Make Sense

    I made a Becket skimmer out of a 5 gallon water bottle and a Mag 7. This thing was UGLY.....but man did it work