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  1. Is this site dead or on life support

    Yeah not sure what’s up. We had been active but the last year or two not so much. Nit sure if the president and VP are still around and organizing things.
  2. I would be interested but very busy these days so pick a date and if I can make it I’ll be there. Thanks.
  3. Where to purchase acrylic locally?

    Look at local glass stores. They carry and can Oder what you need. I got mine at City Glass in FWB.
  4. Tapatalk

    Works now. Thanks for getting it fixed. It is the only way I really use to connect to forums. Thanks.
  5. I am around this week if needed. I do not have base access but could help out if needed and am close by in SHalimar.
  6. Considering a D.C. Return pump

    I am running a Red Dragon 80w DC pump on my 180 and could not be happier. Works great, controllable via apex, quiet and energy efficient.
  7. Your water

    I am the same as you except only 1 DI canister but did do the 2nd membrane upgrade to be able to make 150gpd. Works great and is much faster now for water.
  8. Your water

    I make my own.
  9. Same. Need to start looking at rooms and get it on the calendar. What hotel you at?
  10. Cutting SDR 21 PVC without crushing

    Since you can't get power saws to it easily you could use a rope/wire saw and it would cut it quickly. If only one or two cuts you could even use a piece if string to make the cut. Just pull each end back and forth like the wire saw and it will work. Once you get through a side wall it cuts pretty fast.
  11. Meeting Febuary 2017

    You going to be at Euchee this weekend? I will be at Jambo starting Friday for a wood badge course.
  12. Meeting Febuary 2017

    We had about 35 at one if the FWB ines last year. Unfortunately u will not be at this one though.
  13. Apex FMK

    Did anyone else sign up for the Neptune NSI program. I did a couple weeks back and was selected to get an early preview of the new FMK flow monitoring device. Received it yesterday and looking to get it plumbed in soon. Here is a pic of it
  14. Steel stand leveling

    Your approach is how I would do it myself. A little past hand tight and it will become load bearing.
  15. Red Monti cap help

    What kind of lights? I have mine high in the tank under LED/t5 lights and it has great color and massive growth.