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  1. Looking for easy corals

    It's a marineland frameless cube. 24x24x18.
  2. Looking for easy corals

    Looking for a few frags, easy stuff like frogspawn/hammers, open to most anything, tank is pretty wide open, 45 cube. Tank is only a few months in so not sure what's going to work yet and don't want to get too invested in corals that won't work well or require a lot of special effort. We have some trumpets and a few stray zoas currently. Located in the Pace/Milton area but willing to take a trip if schedule permits. Thanks in advance!
  3. Wtb/t Easy Corals

    Hi everyone. Just looking for some stuff to throw in our biocube 29, not really picky just want some stuff that looks nice. Hoping to get some cheap frags to start with just to see how we do since it's our first reef. If interested, I have all kinds of freshwater aquatic plants (I have a plant nursery) that I can swap as well. Let me know if interested, located in pace/milton area.
  4. Hey guys, my work is looking to get a reef tank for our business and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a company to install it. I do a lot with FW tanks and specialize in aquatic plants, but have very little to do with SW, and nothing with reefs, but I do know the basics and am capable of doing basic maintenance once everything is running. They are settling on a 6ft-7ft tank, likely a 180-240 or something in that area. They already got one estimate from a local place that I think is really high. Their parts markups are all easily 150-200%+ over retail, so at that rate I'd even be willing to order all the parts in personally and then have someone get it all set up. I get that a company has to make money, but this is ridiculous. Anyone know a good company that will work with us on this and charge fair prices?
  5. Where To Get Macroalgae

    Thanks. I like the halimeda, hope I can find it in stock somewhere.
  6. Hey guys, building a 29g seahorse tank and was hoping to get a bit of macroalgae as well as a little LR/sand to get the cycle moving. Any suggestions on a good place to get this at in or close to the Milton area? Thanks !
  7. Hi=]

    I'm setting up a breeder and possibly import room in the garage next month, if all goes well. We're house hunting, so a major prerequisite is a large garage or extra room to work with. I'm stocking up on tanks and equipment to work with. I'm breeding a few harder to find species at the moment but I definitely plan to ramp that up to about 20 species here in the upcoming months. I'm considering specializing in dwarf cichlids and corydoras, but nothing set in stone as of yet. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  8. Hi=]

    Hi everyone. I'm new, grew up in pensacola and still work there, but currently live in milton. I have several freshwater breeding projects going and plan for more in the near future as I get a proper fish room set up. I do not currently have a SW tank, but I'm considering eventually setting one up as a display in the living room. I don't really know any aquarists in the area, so I thought it'd help to visit a local site. Anyhow, nice to meet everyone:)