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  1. Great guide kbass. One other "natural" (heh heh) method I have employed heavily is the use of Paul B's aiptasia zapper. This works best if you also raise mildly sadistic teenage boys (which can be done with minimal attention to water parameters, but are an expensive project nonetheless) I have never had an aiptasia problem, given my penchant for peppermint shrimps, but I have had plenty of Majanos. Snap crackle pop Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. Tips For New Dog Owner

    I picked up my Christmas Cocker this morning. I've had cockers my whole life and never had any issues with chewing. Cocker Spaniels are all about attention. The more attention they get, the better dog you will have. I wouldn't leave them alone indoors for long periods. Biggest issues you will have is ears and eyes. Take my advice and ask your vet to give your cocker a lateral ear resection once fully grown. That will save you from 10+ years of chronic ear infections. Anyways, post pics!
  3. Or that it depends on who is playing, we won't know that for another week
  4. Precision Custom Aquariums

    Thanks abrian, glad you like it! It's 30" tall also, the image link in my siggy points to the entire setup on Reef Sanctuary. Don't get too jealous though, it took me 6 years, 3 months to plan, save, and plumb myself back into the hobby, since Ivan literally released the inhabitants of my last tank into Escambia Bay. (Ironic when your house, cars, and possessions are pretty much destroyed and the part that bites the most six years later is the loss of your tank )
  5. Recently my custom order acrylic 280G aquarium was delivered, here are my findings about the company that manufactured it for anyone interested in a large acrylic build. The Good: Quality is second to none. 3/4" acrylic so clear you can't tell it's there. The corner seams are glued using the best methods, the description of these is big enough for a new post, or an hourlong cpnversation with Woody that will make you an expert on gluing acrylic. By comparison, two each of Tenecor corners are "bent" with no seam. Customizability Woody (the owner/master builder) exchanged emails and blueprints exhaustively, so every detail of the aquarium was designed with careful consideration to my specific needs. The Price When I saw Woody's quote, I was instantly skeptical ... this tank cost me barely half of what a Tenecor tank/stand would have cost, and the stand was a better quality oak stand than I would have gotten to boot. I saved for 6 years to put together this system, the money I saved using PCA instead of Tenecor went into the Giesemann light. Shipping Freight shipping from Atlanta turned out to be next day service. Big plus over Tenecor tanks that take a week or more to freight from AZ. I was able to schedule my delivery appointment (through FedEx's Mobile office) before Woody even got back to Canton to tell me the package had shipped. The Bad: Building Speed. I take responsibility for this in part, because I changed parts of the order mid construction. ie. the dimensions of the top holes (after Icecap went out of business, I had him refit the holes to the Giesemann fixture), and a switch to outside overflows from the original inside overflow plan. The stand was planned as a 34" but grew to a 39". Woody often fills orders in 5 weeks, but this project stretched on for nearly 3 months. (Alternatively, Tenecor tanks are pretty consistently 8 week jobs) Project snapshot: Here was the design we settled on, with the Giesemann lighting reflectors and bulbs highlighted over the holes, and the Sea Swirls in their planned positions, though the one on the right was ultimately moved back. Here is the tank and stand the day they were completed: Here is what it looked like a few days ago: If anyone locally is looking into a large acrylic upgrade, I would encourage you get a quote from Woody, take the extra spending money and put it into the lighting. I know if I ever need another one, he will be the first to know. Link to the company website Please ask questions if I left anything out and I will do my best to answer them.