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  1. 1000 Mile Move

    If your breakdown puts the critters in their bags at night then I bet you'd be fine, assuming the fish aren't large. If they are then you may consider using 5g buckets from home depot with battery powered airstones instead of large rubbermaid containers. I think they might seal better. I think your coral would be fine in bags though. Now that I think about it, I also brought some coral back from Oklahoma via airplane last time I went home. I bought them at around 5pm, they were bagged with regular air, kept with me in a styro shipping box until I got on the jet the following morning, and introduced to the tank 24hrs later. I brought Acros and a Maxima clam that trip.
  2. 1000 Mile Move

    I moved from Oklahoma to PCola a year ago and brought my reef with me. I only moved a 33g cube, but the principles are the same. I individually bagged all of my coral and fish, using oxygen instead of air. A LFS in OKC was nice enough to let me borrow her cylinder. You may be able to find a source here, but I'm not sure. All of the bags went into a rolling cooler and made the trip. I put the rock in 5g buckets with water and saved a good bit of the water too. I made up several 5g jugs of salt water and one of just RO/DI before leaving. The livestock went into bags around 10 the night before we left and we drove straight through. It took us about 17 hours and another few to set up the temp tank while I set up the whole reef rig. I guess everything was bagged for a little over 24hrs. It spent the next 2-3 days in a bare bottom 20 long with a powerhead, heater and lights while I set up the new 40 breeder. I lost one little acro frag that was less than healthy before we left, but the rest survived. The temp drop in the cooler was probably 3-5* at most. If you drive straight through it should be pretty easy on everything. Any sleep stops increase the risk of losses, but I'm sure your plan and/or some of what I did would turn out fine. You may consider fragging your larger colonies and selling off some of the little stuff, but I'd try to take a little of everything with you.
  3. It seems that I've somehow brought red bugs into my system and I need them gone. Is there a good Pensacola source for these? I have about 50g total in my system and a 14g BC.
  4. I checked mine a couple weeks ago. It was still at 0, but I just replaced my DI resin about 2 months back. I was seeing about 10 ppm out of the DI line and the same from the RO side. TDS going in is around 45 ppm. I was afraid my TDS tester was off kilter when I saw that number. I saw 350-400 ppm out of the tap when I lived in Oklahoma, and that was city water. I'm sure I'll get some good use out of the new resin as I only use about 10g/week in my system...maybe 15g.
  5. Looking For A Good, Upscale Food Store In Pensacola

    Organic is really a non-factor. I'm also perfectly happy with the cheap stuff for normal groceries. I can be picky, but I'm not a hippy I just like to cook and replicate a few of the meals I had while working fine dining and often times wal-mart and the commissary don't have everything. The commissary does the best job, there are the couple things mentioned above that I've been craving...specifically the foie gras. That stuff is like wonderful meaty butter on a cracker! haha. Thanks for the link though. I'll give them a ring and see what they have.
  6. Since moving down here I haven't really sought out any yuppie grocery stores, but I'm having a craving for a few things i could get back in Oklahoma. I'm looking specifically for foie gras and duck breast. I don't want the canned or processed foie gras. i used to be able to get it in slices that were frozen and vacuum sealed in plastic. The duck breast (maple farms) came the same way. I'd also like to be able to get my hands on some blood oranges and some other 'non-standard' produce from time to time. ...god, do I sound like a pretentious prick or what! haha. I waited tables at a nice, fine dining restaurant for a few years before getting my commission, so I've been ruined by exposure to really good food.