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  1. New Custom Sump Build

    havent been on in a while hope everyone and there tanks are doing well.. thought i'd share some pics of a sump I just finished 36x20x15 let me know what y'all think
  2. New Sump Build

    This sump is all acrylic and id built on the custom design of the customer I just build them lol... bottom sides and back is white acrylic clear front baffles are red and transparent red this sump turned out really nice..pics don't do it justice
  3. New Sump Build

  4. New Sump Build

    just thought id share a couple of pic of the sump I just built for under a 75 gal
  5. Worlds Smallest Reef Tank

    OK lol... I think I've built and set up the worlds smallest reef tank having a little trouble finding a return pump.. tank holds this is the best part .065 gal if you've seen a smaller reef tank let me know.... j/k lol I was just board... couldn't resist tho OK here it is need to do a little more trim work on the stand tho
  6. 220G Build

    Everything looks like it's coming along pretty good get me know when you want to get started on that sump.
  7. 5 Gallon Nano

    Love little tanks always a fun challenge
  8. Overflow Boxs

    So I built some corner overflow boxes for a buddy of mine hopefully we'll see some pics once he installs them
  9. Custom Sump

  10. Custom Sump

    This was built for someone else and I'm sure there will be no bubbles that get past the sprung and the media bag.
  11. Custom Sump

    Just thought I'd share a coulpe of pics of a sump I just made
  12. New Frag Tank Build

  13. New Frag Tank Build

    what do yall think
  14. New 12 X 12 X 12 Pico Build

    lol... thats too funny!
  15. New 12 X 12 X 12 Pico Build